How to Improve Your Website’s SEO

how to improve websites seo
Lead generation is the practice of generating more traffic to your website using SEO. SEO is the path that leads a stream of new traffic to your website, and it is the language that search engines are looking for when ranking your site. According to web designers, SEO is considered…

Digital Insurance Is Now a Thing: A Quick and Easy Guide to E-Commerce Insurance Policies

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guide to ecommerce insurance policies
There is no denying the amazing benefits that both sellers and consumers have enjoyed due to the rise and widespread popularity of e-commerce. Retailers enjoy lower overhead costs, shorter communication times, and greater profit margins, while customers love having the power to shop at virtually countless stores, check multiple reviews,…

5 Tips for Improving the Security of Your E-Commerce Store

5 tips for improving the security of your e commerce store
As an e-commerce store owner, a wealth of sensitive customer information and financial data is in your possession. It should come as no surprise then that e-commerce brands are particularly susceptible to security breaches. This makes ensuring the security of your store an absolute necessity. It’s not only important for…

Energy Saving Tips For Gamers: Get Extra Money to Play With

energy saving tips for gamers get extra money to play with
The electricity used while gamers is intensive, with gaming PCs reported to use around 20% of the total energy used by PCs, amounting to billions of pounds a year. By making an effort to save energy on your computer, servers, and electronics, you could enjoy great savings on your energy…

Size Matters: Long-Form Content And SEO

size matters long form content and seo
There are currently around 28 million small businesses in the U.S., each vying for their place on the World Wide Web; on your own, the likelihood of achieving recognition among your demographic (and financial success in your business) is exceptionally low. That’s where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes into…

Asus ROG Phone 2: Best Gaming Phone Spec and Review

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asus rog phone 2 spec and review
see if asus rog phone 2 available in amazon It is considered as one of the best gaming phone designed till now. It provides all the features that a player need for gaming. There are many features that make it the perfect phone for gaming as it is. Asus has…

SEO Training Course: The Basics of SEO

seo training course the basics of seo
One of the most important inventions in human history is the internet. Once a project of the United States Army, it became one of the most prevalent commodities of the 21st century. It may not have been perfect, but over time it has been influential in shaping the course of…

When Social Selling Meets Big Tobacco

when social selling meets big tobacco
Tobacco producers are using social media and innovative marketing tactics to hook new customers on smoking. They're offsetting the traditional restricting laws on advertising tobacco to young people. You'll find the Big Tobacco major players hosting extravagant concerts and events held in major cities worldwide including Milan, Cairo, and Rio…

16 Years Old Teen Gamer Win $3 Million in the First Ever Fortnite World Cup

teen win 3 million fortnite world cup
The ever popular combat battle game Fortnite finals took place in New York City near the end of July during weekend. millions gamers competed against each other to get a chance to win $30 million, the largest prize pool in e-sports history. Kyle Giersdorf, gamer name Bugha, a teenager from…

Sony Japan Crowdfunding for Portable Wearable Air Conditioner, the Reon Pocket

portable wearable air conditioner reon pocket
Japan known for creating unique and portable gadget. Today, Sony Japan announced they are crowdfunding a device that will mostly benefit countries that have steaming and hot weather, with the escalation of temperature around the world, this couldn't come in better time. The wearable air conditioner, Reon Pocket supposedly smaller… - Tech Blog for Tech SavvyTech blog about mobile phone reviews, gadgets, IT, internet, digital products reviews, tech business and marketing and interesting tech news for tech savvy.2007-2019