How to be Tech-Savvy During Lockdown

how to be tech savvy during lockdown
No one can predict how serious lockdown will be. After many countries announced partial to total lockdowns and extending lockdown periods, one has to learn how to make the best out of this time. Technology has seen a growing trend for the last decades and right now, its importance has…

Sony Just Revealed PS5, What do Gamers Think About it?

ps5 revealed and gamers reactions
If you have been following Sony events, you should probably know that they just revealed the new, coming soon Playstation 5, or PS5 in short. There's a mix feeling about the new design, although we're not expecting the reaction similar to when Sony announced the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake", did…

How to Choose the Best TV for Your Need?

how to choose the best tv for your need
I'm one of those guys that still cling on 32 inch HDTV Sony Bravia, yeap, it's been serving my entertainment for more than 8 years now, although I'm not a movie buff and avid console gamers but when planning to upgrade my TV for future usage, I'm all technical and…

How Does Covid-19 Pandemic Affected Businesses and Life?

how covid 19 affected businesses and life
Starting from early 2020, the world faced a global pandemic "Covid-19" crisis. People's everyday life affected, jobs lost, business going bankrupt, loves one lost their life succumbed to the virus, societies force to stay home to stay safe and to prevent spreading of the virus. Read also: How to Remain…

Why Purchasing TikTok Likes is Much Better than Trying to Gain Them Yourself?

why choose to purchase tiktok likes
In these times when new bloggers are appearing in packs on various social platforms, it is very hard to attract any attention from these social media platforms users. Everybody already knows what they want to watch, therefore if you are completely novice to all of this it is going to…

4 Best Gaming Hacks You Should Start Using

4 best gaming hacks you should start using
The gaming world offers three different kinds of players; there are professionals, amateurs, and noobs. The only way you can improve your gameplay is by practicing, but you must be aware of that already. We have compiled five hacks that will enhance your gaming skills. These tips are not about…

What Is Value Creation Within Portfolio Companies?

what is value creation within portfolio companies
A portfolio company is an entity that a venture capital firm invests in. Most companies that are backed by a private equity firm can be called as a firm’s portfolio. A company can create a collection that showcases the strengths and capabilities of a business’s products and services. You can…

Choosing a Professional Camera Carry Bag

choosing a professional camera carry bag
Having valuable, hard-to-replace or incredibly rare camera equipment can lead to you taking great photographs, but you need to make sure that all of your tools are safe. Like all hobby equipment, there are companies that produce the extras you need to protect your camera gear from harm, but actually…

How to get Organic Growth with TikTok

how to get organic growth with tiktok
With Gen Z turning away from apps such as Facebook and Instagram, it is TikTok that is giving this generation a safe space to create, be authentic and meet like-minded people and communities. TikTok came out of nowhere in 2019 and blind-sided businesses and brands who are now rushing to… - Tech Blog for Tech SavvyTech blog about mobile phone reviews, gadgets, IT, internet, digital products reviews, tech business and marketing and interesting tech news for tech savvy.2007-2020