iPod Types: Ultimate Guide Before Buying an iPod

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buying ipod types guide
Full list of iPod models to choose from? A portable digital media player, which also has a hard drive from Apple computer, is called an iPod. iPod is an Apple brand of MP3 player that has a specific set of features and designs. Apple introduced iPod back in 2001. Since…

4K vs 8K TV – Which One Should You Choose?

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4k or 8k choose wisely
Television, as we know is an electronic device, which acts as a powerful entertainment medium; it made its debut in the early 90s. It replaced Radio as a great primitive technology. Since then Television has undergone a lot of development and advancements. It has moved from the big box with…

1Gbps Fastest Internet Speed Will Be Launched in Bangladesh

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Data roaming is practically unlimited, even with the most advance technology we have today, the fastest internet speed recorded is 26.7 Mbps on South Korea. This is due to higher demanding of internet usage in South Korea, almost 95% of the population had at least one mobile for their daily…