iPod Classic: Probably The Best Music Player Ever Invented

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ipod best music player
It is quite rare that anybody attracted to the tech boom is unaware of the iPod. Today we see the latest versions of the iPod enabled with the touch feature. But, have you wondered where it all began? Welcome the iPod Classic! Quite simply, iPod Classic is a transportable media…

Nokia 3310 Review – What’s New?

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nokia 3310 new model
Legends never die. They might get temporarily forgotten; but they just cannot be replaced. At the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain in 2017, a long-lost legend came back to life! While the event can boast about the launch of a number of brilliant, futuristic phones by major electronic…

Best Defragmentation Tools for Windows

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smart defrag tool
Your hard disk works day and night, it needs some rest, right? Defragmentation is the process by which you maintain the speed and working of your hard disk easily. If you are facing problems such as in loading and unloading a game or dealing with bulk of data, it means…