Games and Gamers: Everything Gaming Online gaming now a trillion dollar business, Gaming platform becomes an advertisement route for companies, they willing to spend millions to gain audiences.

Games and Gamers: Everything Gaming

Online gaming now a trillion dollar business, Gaming platform becomes an advertisement route for companies, they willing to spend millions to gain audiences.

PS5 vs PC Gaming: Which Should You Game With?

ps5 vs pc gaming20 years ago gaming was something that you would witness in the arcade section of a mall or the households of a select few, but over the years the aspect of gaming revolutionized to the point where it is no longer just a hobby or a recreational activity but a full-time profession for many. The gaming industry has risen in both popularity and magnitude at an exponential rate to a…Read full article »

RTX 3000 vs 2080 TI – Is GPU Teraflops a “Flop” in Gaming?

rtx3000 vs2080ti gpu
Teraflops or better known as TFLOPS is another way to indicate the "horsepower" of a GPU. With the coming soon release of the next-gen gaming console, PS5 and Xbox Series X, and graphic card RTX 3000 series, this term had been used a lot in their marketing campaign, but what…

Sony Just Revealed PS5, What do Gamers Think About it?

ps5 revealed and gamers reactions
If you have been following Sony events, you should probably know that they just revealed the new, coming soon Playstation 5, or PS5 in short. There's a mix feeling about the new design, although we're not expecting the reaction similar to when Sony announced the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake", did…

4 Best Gaming Hacks You Should Start Using

4 best gaming hacks you should start using
The gaming world offers three different kinds of players; there are professionals, amateurs, and noobs. The only way you can improve your gameplay is by practicing, but you must be aware of that already. We have compiled five hacks that will enhance your gaming skills. These tips are not about…

Don’t Call It A Comeback: Retro Video Games Are Still Popular

why retro video games still popular
No matter how realistic the newest generation of video games are, there is still a place for those retro console games from the 80’s. In fact, those games are still as popular as ever. Their low fi graphics, tinny music and simple stories are beloved by millions today just as…

Energy Saving Tips For Gamers: Get Extra Money to Play With

energy saving tips for gamers get extra money to play with
The electricity used while gamers is intensive, with gaming PCs reported to use around 20% of the total energy used by PCs, amounting to billions of pounds a year. By making an effort to save energy on your computer, servers, and electronics, you could enjoy great savings on your energy…

16 Years Old Teen Gamer Win $3 Million in the First Ever Fortnite World Cup

teen win 3 million fortnite world cup
The ever popular combat battle game Fortnite finals took place in New York City near the end of July during weekend. millions gamers competed against each other to get a chance to win $30 million, the largest prize pool in e-sports history. Kyle Giersdorf, gamer name Bugha, a teenager from…

Why You Should Watch the CS: GO Major 2019

why you should watch the cs go major 2019
Tournaments are always fun to watch. From seeing your beloved teams to being on the edge on your seat when matches get heated, it’s a feeling that can hardly be obtained through other means. If you miss that feeling, then you can experience it again if you watch the CS:…

Red Dead Redemption 2 – A visually stunning feat of mild frustration

red dead redemption 2 visually stunning video game
It really is no great secret that we have become enthralled by technology. Today, we are literally simultaneously immersed in, and surrounded by, digitalisation. From scanning for the top VPN services today to protect our privacy online, to waiting in line for the release of the latest video game phenomenon…

What You Need To Know About Buying League of Legends Accounts

tips for buying league of legends accounts
League of Legends (LoL) is a popular game in the online sports world. Millions of players have hooked on this game thanks to its faced-paced nature and intensity. This free-to-play video game offers a nice blend of both real-time strategy and role-playing. You can enjoy this game by opening a…

Choosing the Right RC Toy for Your Kids

choosing suitable rc toy for kids
Toys are an ideal way of educating your children. As a parent, we all try to provide the best possible education and living conditions for our little ones. Being a human, it’s never 100% possible that we will succeed, but we all try to be the best parents ever. According…

How to Earn Virtual Money on GTA 5?

how to earn virtual money on gta 5
The entire idea behind the Grand Theft Auto gaming series was to recreate a gaming style which could replicate real life, and GTA 5 has almost reached that landmark fully. One way to identify how it does that is by the absolute dire need for money in the game, which…

5 Best VR games for Playstation

best playstation virtual reality games
Virtual Reality (VR) is the terminology used to represent highly sophisticated technology and it is used for the creation of an artificial environment. With the help of innovative software and virtual reality headsets, the user will comprehend the real environment with the computer generated environment. To experience the VR, you…

PS4 vs PS4 Pro – Console Specifications Guide, Should You Upgrade or Not?

ps4 vs ps4 pro
In 2016, Sony launched two latest versions of PS4. Most of the people consider them the same consoles with slight differences. However, if you have a closer look you will get the idea that PS4 is different from the PS4 Pro in many ways. Many game lovers are confused that…

PSN Store Stuck? Don’t worry. here’s the solution!

PSN Store Stuck? Don’t worry. here’s the solution!
If you found out that your PlayStation 3 PSN Store stuck or stop on loading then you're not the only one. Many PS3 users discover this bug when they logged in into their PSN account via PS3 console. The reason? the latest upgrade of PSN Store software causing a glitch…

U.S Consumers Are Not Cutting Back On Buying Video Games

U.S Consumers Are Not Cutting Back On Buying Video Games
Despite the economic recession, the retail sales of U.S. video games in November are showing a 10 percent increase from a year ago. The Overall sales of U.S. video games this year through November had increased by 22 percent from the sales of 2007. The report released by market researcher…