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5 benefits of cloud computing

5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the most modernized ways to work these days. It makes us look as if we are part of some sci-fi movie and all we need are interactive avatars, but wait, we have those too! So many people must be asking themselves if there is any…
smart defrag tool

Best Defragmentation Tools for Windows

Your hard disk works day and night, it needs some rest, right? Defragmentation is the process by which you maintain the speed and working of your hard disk easily. If you are facing problems such as in loading and unloading a game or dealing with bulk of data, it means…
Top 5 Reasons To Not Upgrade to Windows 10

Top 5 Reasons To Not Upgrade to Windows 10

When Windows 10 finally released on July 29, 2015, many PC users had been started to upgrade their OS to latest version of Windows 10. It is said that the latest Windows 10 will be an improvement for Windows 8 in speed, functionality and memory usage. However after months of…