For some of you who are crazy about the rapid advancement of smartphone’s technology, you might ask yourself how many times did you changed your smartphone during 2012, some of you might never changed it but surely did owned more than 1 smartphone under you pocket 🙂 Let us take a look at the trend and technology achieved by the smartphone manufactures during the year 2012:


Bigger and larger screen size came into trend especially on touchable screen smartphones. The standard screen size for most middle-end smartphone is at least 4 inch and for the high-end ones are at least 4.3 inch with WVGA resolution. The largest smartphone screen on the market right now is LG Optimus Vu which is 5 inch, whereas the largest screen on phablet category fall to Samsung Galaxy Note II which is 5.5 inch.


If on 2011, we were shocked with the high quality resolution of HD Super AMOLED with the PenTile matrix technology. During 2012, we can see a better improvement on the smartphones and tablets screen resolution in term of quality imaging offered by the HD Super AMOLED with RBG matrix, which only available on Samsung Galaxy Note II so far. Besides that, during the year 2012, we also seen a lot of new smartphone resolution technology such as Super AMOLED Advance by Motorola RAZR Maxx, Super LCD2 by HTC Windows Phone 8X, HD IPS LCD by LG Optimus Vu, True HD IPS LCD by LG Optimus 4X HD and also Super IPS LCD2 by HTC One X.


During the year 2012, we’ve seen most of the OS developers are competing to introduce firmware update which will improve and provide the best user experience to their mobile users. Besides that, an updated firmware will install new functions into the mobile devices which are not available before the update. Some of the firmware update platform introduced during 2012 are Android 4.1 & 4.2 (Jelly Bean), iOS 6 and also Windows Phone 8.


Smartphone manufactures such as HTC, LG and Samsung are already on the race to produce the most powerful smartphone by using the Quad Core processor. The first smartphone to support its usage was the HTC One X with a speed of 1.5GHz, follow by Samsung Galaxy S III (1.4 GHz), LG Optimus 4X HD (1.5 GHz) and the latest Samsung Galaxy Note II which offer the fastest processor so far at 1.6 GHz. We also seen the improvement of mobile chipset powered by Nvidia from the Nvidia Tegra 2 to the more powerful Nvidia Tegra 3 during the year 2012. Not only that, the increase speed and power in mobile CPU also makes a larger room for smartphone RAM capacity. According to the standard usage, an entry-level smartphone has a RAM capacity of 512MB and the high-end smartphone can accommodate at least 1GB or 2GB of RAM.


You might already used to the 12 megapixel available on today high-end smartphones. But, did you know that on the year 2012, we saw a revolution in digital camera imaging found on smartphone with the released of Nokia 808 PureView. This smartphone was equipped with high resolution camera 41 megapixel with auto focus and Xenon flash functions. Besides that, new camera imaging technology also introduced during 2012 such as 3D Sweep Panorama, Best Shoot, Continuous Shooting, Smart Flash, HDR Imaging and many more.


The 1080p HD video recording is now one of the factor that attracts smartphone buyers.  This HD quality video recording function is no longer restricted to particular high-end smartphones only. Even the middle-end or low-end smartphones have this function. Not only the back end camera lens can captured HD videos, the front end of a smartphones also can produced a 720p HD video recording such as iPhone 5, HTC One X+, HTC Windows Phone 8X & 8S, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S III, Sony Xperia SL and also Nokia Lumia 920.


During the year 2012, we seen the introduction of a new wireless connectivity technology which is Bluetooth 4.0 + HS or better known as Bluetooth 4.0. Most of the smartphones released on 2012 already support this new version of Bluetooth connection. We can also see the improvement of WiFi Direct on smartphones with the introduction of WiFi Tethering technology.


Most of the smartphones now are pre-installed with the social web application. The high demand for mobile socialize making this kind of applications one of the major factor in smartphone’s built in function during the year 2012. Some of social apps we usually found on new smartphones are Whatsapp, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo Messenger and many more which are already pre-installed inside the smartphones.

Above are 8 trending mobile tech that we seen during the year 2012. The improvement and new smartphone technology introduced are certainly making our mobile experience even more exciting than ever. Stay tuned for our next article on The Future Smartphones Trend and Technology for 2013. Until then, thanks for reading and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.


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