capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe comprises classic and versatile pieces that work great together when worn. These essential items become the building blocks of how you dress. With the Women’s clothing you choose for your capsule wardrobe, you can create different looks for different occasions. However, do not stop yourself by adding trendy and seasonal pieces for layering or other purposes.

More and more modern women are building their capsule wardrobe because of the following main benefits:

  • When you have a capsule wardrobe that contains essential items you can rely on, it can help you prevent decision fatigue, getting dressed much faster. A capsule wardrobe allows you to be a minimalist and still come up with amazing outfit ideas, using the items in your closet. After all, simplicity and being stylish can go hand in hand.
  • It is one of the beauties of a capsule wardrobe. Based on the items you choose for your wardrobe, you can mix and match them for a few years, and it would seem like your outfit looks new every time. In other words, you can wear each piece in your closet with other items and feel confident that you haven’t seen them multiple times.
  • Your collection in your capsule wardrobe is a significant investment. For this, make sure you include timeless items of clothing that you can work again and again for years to come. Then, you can trust your capsule wardrobe to work for you even though you may change your fashion style.

So how do you build your capsule wardrobe? Typically, a capsule item is relatively neutral and a classic. You can reimagine these pieces and wear them repeatedly. This involves choosing and buying simple pieces. From them, you have your foundations for your attire.

A few tips to remember include:

Add high-quality items

The clothes in a capsule wardrobe are meant to never go out of style. Therefore, the women’s clothing for your capsule collection is always worth a splurge. Considering that you should wear the items in your collection over and over again, this entails investing in high-quality clothes.

Some of the wardrobe essentials that you should save money for are:

  • Choose the colours and shapes such as A-line dresses that make you feel confident.
  • Outerwear (a trench coat, a denim jacket, overcoat, leather jacket)
  • A well-fitting suit. Make sure it fits perfectly.
  • Button-up shirts. Go for white, black, or other
  • T-shirts. Include neutral colours like white, black, brown, grey
  • Decide on the colours of jeans you like
  • Consider one pullover and a cardigan.

Experiment and try everything until you find what works for you

It is essential that the clothes in your capsule wardrobe feel comfortable and fit correctly. This is because you are supposed to wear them all the time, whether it is just one outfit or mix and match with other pieces.

Trying on a variety of clothes will help you determine what works well for you. Consider your body shape and look for clothing that flatters your figure. Doing this will also offer the comfort you need when wearing clothes, which is crucial in looking good.

Opt for muted colours

To ensure that the clothing in your capsule collection is timeless, then pick muted colours.  These colours are softer and quieter than their flashy counterparts. Muted colours like dark mustard, camel, rust, muted green, grey, tan, and beige.

Building a capsule wardrobe will help you get ready in the morning and create your style with simple and quality clothing. Find out what works for you and begin investing now to put in your collection.