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You might be inspired to leave your day job watching the world’s richest poker players, like Phil Ivey (worth $100 million) or Dan Bilzerian (worth $150 million), in action in various tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. After all, poker players appear to have an extravagant lifestyle, with their stacks of cash and games at fancy casinos. Another appeal of poker is that you can win millions of dollars in just one game. However, you can also end up losing a huge amount of money with just one bad hand.

To prevent you from going bankrupt, it’s important that you learn one of the most useful tips to win at poker — which is bankroll management. A bankroll is money you set aside to play with in a game. Good bankroll management is important since it ensures that you only play what you can afford to lose. This means that even if you lose what you’ve set aside for one game, you still have money for other games, as well as for rent, bills, and other necessities. To help you manage your bankroll well, you can utilize bankroll management apps. Below are a few to try:

Poker Analytics 5

Poker Analytics 5 lets you create your own categories of transactions to better track your expenses — some examples are bonuses and tips. But this app also helps you track more than your bankroll. You can better understand your performance through reports that show how your game evolves by letting you compare results by stakes. This app even has cash game stop notifications, which will notify you to stop playing if you’ve played enough to wear yourself and your resources out. This keeps you away from tilt in the long run.

Poker Bankroll Tracker

The Poker Bankroll Tracker app gives you an overview of your bankroll by letting you save poker sessions and updating your chip counts in real-time. You can also keep an eye on other financial-related things, such as traveling expenses. You can even calculate tournament payouts with the payment calculator, and final table deals using the ICM and Chip-Chop calculator. This app also lets you write notes about other players, as well as track hands to get HUD statistics. These are percentages that show how often a player does a certain play, such as PFRs and VPIPs.

Poker Stack

Poker Stack can easily help you determine how much you’re earning an hour. You simply clock in the amount you buy in every time and how much you’re winning, then the app keeps track of the time and does the math for you. Based on the info you input, Poker Stack can churn out tons of statistics — such as lifetime profit, lifetime win rate, how often you win each month, and your best ups and worst downs. If you’re playing other casino games, this app works just as well. Simply add a new type of game, then you’re good to go.

ITM Poker Bankroll Manager

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ITM Poker Bankroll Manager has a simple and straightforward interface, and it’s strictly for managing your bankroll. However, this poker app does its job excellently. After all, it lets you keep track of multiple bankrolls in different currencies, which is helpful if you’re playing at different sites online or live. You also get to track your Rakeback, bonuses, cash-outs, deposits, and transfers. A bankroll manager strategy calculator helps you handle your money without taking too much of your focus from the game.

Whether you’re aiming to be a pro in big tournaments or a casual player who just wants to keep track of their poker expenses, then these bankroll management apps will surely be worth a try. For more news on apps and everything smartphone-related, check our mobile phone archive.