5 benefits of cloud computing
Cloud computing is one of the most modernized ways to work these days. It makes us look as if we are part of some sci-fi movie and all we need are interactive avatars, but wait, we have those too! So many people must be asking themselves if there is any real benefit in switching to cloud computing from traditional computing. For those people we have listed out five of the numerous advantages:

Cheap and Convenient

Working on the cloud requires you to own a Virtual Private System or Windows VPS Server to your name. This server is basically a small fraction of a large and powerful parent central processing unit which you can own for a price which is also just a fraction of the price of the whole unit. So you get all the benefits of a highly powerful system in just a fraction of the price.

The system itself takes up no space in the real world so you don’t need to worry about clearing up some space and setting up a different station as you would need to do if you were buying a new physical unit. Other than that you don’t even need to spend money on new hardware since you can access it from any device. Even more, the system takes up absolutely no memory on the system you are using to access it as all VPS systems come with cloud memory of their own.

Easily Accessible

As we have mentioned before, you can access your cloud computer with all the data intact from pretty much any device with an internet connection. All you need is the username and password which you have aligned for yourself and you can log in.

Better Security

With a traditional system like a laptop or a personal desktop computer, you are always worried about it getting stolen and losing your irreplaceable data. If you keep backing your data up on the cloud, you can easily retrieve it.

Other than that, if your data is entirely on the cloud computer then you don’t have to worry about it being stolen if you have kept your ID and password safe. In case someone does obtain your ID and password, they will probably not be using one of the trusted devices you have added and so you will be notified instantly on your phone or otherwise and you can disallow the person from accessing your account.

One of the bigger concerns people have had is of their cloud database being hacked but this concern can easily be dismissed because of cybercrime laws and how it is becoming more and more difficult to hack these days.

Easily Shared

easily cloud sharing
Cloud systems are also easier to share than traditional computers. You could allot an entire virtual space to a specific task and have as many people as you want share it. Everyone can access the cloud system from their own personal computers so you will not need to crowd in one area. Other than that, despite of the sharing option, only trusted devices can have access to it.

Can be Modified

Lastly, a great advantage of cloud computing is that you can modify it as per your needs. For a small and set fee, you can increase the memory or RAM allotted to you. This is great because you don’t need to commit to a certain set of features and the enhancements are much cheaper than traditional computers. You can also transfer data to and from your accessing system and the cloud system so there are no such restrictions either.