online gambling affiliate programs

Making money from online casinos and sportsbooks is a huge niche in the field of online business. Successful webmasters who attract game traffic earn thousands of dollars a day. Gambling has always been, is, and will continue to be popular with people of all ages. Here we can highlight a few basic things related to affiliate programs in online casinos.

It should be noted that this is the usual market relationship: if the player is profitable for the casino – you get paid in full and increase the payment as far as the advertiser’s economy allows. If the traffic is “so-so” – the user made a deposit and never came back to the casino, then the casino will pay for it as well. 

It should be understood that the target audience – is active players who will play for months or even years, consistently make deposits, and enjoy the game and jackpots. And at the same time, the prospect of spending a little money for the sake of their pleasure does not cause rejection. First of all, because these people have the money and it is not the last. The casinos are not interested in schoolchildren, freeloaders, etc.

What is an Affiliate Program

Casino affiliate programs are one of the most profitable and versatile ways to monetize traffic because almost every user is looking for a way to quickly make money online. The wide target audience and high royalties allow you to earn on any traffic: from advertising on Facebook to thematic site, entertainment blog to YouTube channel, streaming, online cinemas, email newsletters, and so on. 

If you have traffic, but you do not know how to maximize its monetization, you can try an online casino affiliate program.  After all, almost every major blogger has managed to cooperate with them for a reason – they earn good money.

It is worth emphasizing an important fact for webmasters – brands maintain the trend of a long life cycle of players. The first webmasters of casino affiliate brands have players who make deposits from the very beginning of the projects. 

Gaming offers bring webmasters a good income, and the most significant earnings are in gambling affiliate programs – mostly online casinos with a large set of gambling games. Good conversion and player activity is associated with a lot of people addicted to “roulette”, but not necessarily – anyone does not mind trying their luck in the hope of free money.

And the ratio of high roller / regular users in the brands offered is one of the highest in the Russian segment. Let’s add to this a good conversion rate of the visitor into a player and the possibility of improving productivity through extremely detailed statistics. Moreover, working with casino affiliate programs directly, rather than through CPA-networks, you can earn even more, but there are nuances.

5 Best Points

There are at least 5 main reasons why many arbitrageurs participate in affiliate programs of online casinos and sportsbook operators. These are

  1. Money, 
  2. Easy to Start, 
  3. Market Expansion, 
  4. Licenses, 
  5. Events & Awards.


Online casino affiliates also make more money by monetizing their sites with certain ad networks. Your affiliate site can earn you over $120 on just a single sale. And this is one of the reasons everyone is interested in having an affiliate site. Although it is usually difficult to redirect or refer your daily visitors to sign up for a service or purchase a service. But if your site generates enough traffic, that should not be much of a problem.

Easy to Start

Nowadays, in order to get started with gambling, it is enough to choose a good affiliate with an adequate manager. For people with experience, the key markers are bets, exclusives, and ready-made applications (there are never many of them).  

Market Expansion

Marketing online gives you endless opportunities to reach thousands of people the world over, from different countries, regions, and geographical locations easily. Your worries are even limited because you need not worry about other ad-hoc activities like how the seller will get the end product across to the customers. All these are taken care of by the seller.


Licensed casinos are casinos that have licensed software, in which players sometimes win a lot. Such casinos are reputable, they have higher requirements for traffic. There is less risk that the casino will suddenly close. This means that by bringing players, you can count on stable payments for a long time.

Events & Awards

Site owners, placing ads on gambling sites, can earn a significant income. And this income from affiliate casino programs sometimes exceeds all the main sources of income. The fact that the remuneration of the webmaster is a very high percentage of casino profits: 40, and 50, and sometimes 60%. Sometimes, some affiliate companies offer the opportunity to work with payment for the registration of attracted customers, or CPA, up to $ 150-200 per player.

The player, who came to play on affiliate advertising, is assigned to the webmaster forever, and the profit “drops” every time the person makes a bet.


Casino affiliate programs can bring in a lot of money. These affiliate programs and earn money on casino affiliates is another option for honest earnings on your site. Affiliate profitability depends on your traffic, the theme of the site, the right program, and patience.

As you can see, there are different ways that casino affiliates can benefit your business by helping you to market your brand and continually drive new customers to your site.

What’s more, it’s a common practice for iGaming providers who offer white label and turnkey solutions to include affiliate systems as part of their products and services. Even if they do not have their own system in place, these companies may also partner with third-party affiliate marketing programs or have the necessary tools that allow for easy integration of a third-party affiliate casino program of your choosing into your platform.