With business owners constantly looking for ways to make those marketing dollars work even harder, marketing trends are changing and evolving year in, year out.

While staying on top of marketing industry trends and employing all the up-to-date tactics is essential for staying afloat, adapting current marketing strategies is equally important. To help you out, we’re listing five powerful marketing strategies that you can (and should) steal in 2021.

Ensure a great customer experience

First things first, creating an amazing customer experience is a must if you want to attract new customers and retain current ones. The fact that it only takes a single bad encounter for consumers to cut ties with the brand only highlights the importance of ensuring an amazing customer experience.

Amazing and easy-to-use website design, quality products, seamless order process, speedy responses, and putting your customer first – these are all ways to make a good impression on your customers. Remember, a positive customer experience is a referrable experience, so do your best to make it an epic one.

Make customer retention a priority

Acquiring new customers is not only challenging, but it’s also very costly. According to some estimates, acquiring one costs companies five times more than maintaining a relationship with an existing customer. Even as little as a 5% boost in customer retention can significantly improve the profitability of the company – up to 75%. Therefore, make customer retention a priority – it’s one of the most effective ways to ensure the success of a company, especially when it comes to small businesses that are still recovering from the hectic year 2020 was.

Some of the strategies to consider include offering loyalty incentives, personalizing smartphone push notifications, and sending SMS/emails. These can all help build brand loyalty and keep customers coming back.

Combine print and digital marketing

We live in a digital era, so naturally, businesses’ marketing strategies also had to become digitalized in order to stay up to date. While digital marketing can definitely be a powerful tool, it works best when combined with print marketing.

This is because print marketing has its own advantages that digital marketing can’t easily replicate. For instance, print marketing opens the door for personalization – something that digital marketing is unable to reproduce. Whether we’re talking about customizing check templates by relying on check printing services, creating customized catalogs, or adding digital links to your printed media, integrating print with your digital marketing goes a long way in reaching your customers effectively. It also makes sure that your marketing campaign isn’t out of balance.

Focus on one single social channel

Social media is by far one of the best tools you can use in your digital marketing game. The thing is, many companies make the mistake of juggling between too many social media platforms. Although ambitious, their attempts at succeeding at several different channels at the same time often end in failure.

Because running four or five social channels can be overwhelming, even for the savviest of marketers, experts suggest focusing on mastering one single social channel. Defining your target audience, researching social media used by competitors, as well as creating a buyer persona are some of the crucial steps for developing a social media strategy that’s effective. By focusing your energy on one social media platform, you’ll be able to extract its full potential and reap the maximum benefits afterward.

Make use of word-of-mouth marketing

Digital marketing has its perks, but with the competition getting fiercer, an online presence and a good-looking website are no longer enough. Statistics show that an increasing number of people put more trust into online reviews and recommendations from family and friends than they do in advertising. Many of them also consider these recommendations to be a deciding factor when making a purchase. This is where word-of-mouth marketing (or WOMM) comes into play.

Aside from helping companies stand out, WOMM also reduces the costs of advertising while simultaneously boosting sales as well as a fanbase. It also helps increase brand loyalty and brand trust while allowing you to create genuine buzz sans effort. To build your WOMM, come up with something memorable that you can give to your customers. Aside from relying on these word-of-mouth triggers, you should also employ visual triggers. Other strategies to consider include encouraging user-generated content, collecting reviews and displaying them, and reaching out to influencers to get people talking about your products or brand.

Wrapping up

Succeeding in the increasingly competitive world of marketing today means making the most of every single opportunity while keeping pace with the latest marketing tactics.

By using the strategies listed above, you can boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, maximize your marketing ROI, and ensure long-term success for your business.