your seo is not working

Appearing on the first page in the search results is like winning gold in the Olympics. Every website owner understands the importance of this achievement. But this does not come on a silver spoon, you need to invest a lot of time and money on SEO. Sometimes, you can do it yourself or engage experts.

Unfortunately, your efforts might not bear desired results. You might have done all necessary but nothing seems to bear fruits. Also, you have been patient for a long. Now you are wondering how long does it take for SEO to work as you have waited for over a year without any improvement.

If this is your case, there might be some reasons where your SEO is not working. Here are some of them:

You have not done enough link building

Link building is a critical pillar in the SEO optimization journey. Your site must have internal and external links to rank well on the search engine results. Probably, you have done link building but nothing seems to work. The question is where do you source your links?

Getting a link from any website does not mean your site will rank well. Some links might have zero impacts on your SEO. In some cases, they might be a bad omen that ends up hurting your site ranking.

When building links, it is crucial to go for authoritative sites. These types of sites prepare a position for you in the top positions. Again, consider links from older websites. This way, you will activate your SEO.

The onsite SEO structure has some issues

Is your internal site structure SEO ready? Another issue that might be affecting your SEO is the site structure. Your site might be hard for the ranking bots to crawl and index its content. The site lacks proper content structure with a Meta tag, Meta description, and strategic distribution of the focus keywords.

The images may also not have the focus keywords. These aspect impacts your onsite SEO and translate to making it hard for your site to rank well on the search results.

Outdate and low-quality content

Content is the king is not a new maxim in the internet world. It is the rule that governs SEO. Despite the changes in Google algorithms, the content remains the heat of optimization. Your website will only rank well if you have current and high-quality content. Also, the content must focus on the user’s intent. Without having worthy content, SEO will never work for you.

The web host is a mess

In the rush to own a website, people pay little attention to web hosting providers. Most website owners go with the cheap packages or the most hyped brands. They never check out the performance of each service provider. Do not follow these steps. Your web host plays a crucial role in determining whether SEO will work for you or not.

A good web host ensures that your site will be up and running always. There will be little to zero downtimes. Also, it guarantees fast loading which lowers bouncing rates. As you know, speed and bouncing rate play a crucial role in determining your site position. Hence, your SEO will never work if your web host is messy.

Site not mobile-friendly

Maybe, you have the best links sourced from authoritative sites. Your keyword distribution is perfect and the site has a Meta title and description. Also, you choose the best web hosting services, providers. But your site position on the search results is static.

What might be the cause? The answer is the site is not mobile-first. In an era of a fingertip society, most people are using mobile devices to access the internet. Google also configured this norm by including mobile-friendliness as a ranking consideration. So, if your site is not mobile-first, ranking in the first position will remain a nightmare.

As you can see, there are several reasons why your SEO is not working. Check on some of these issues and change the situation.