5 services you are paying too much for
These days with household budgets being tighter than ever it’s more and more important to make sure you are not paying too much or being overcharged for services especially when payments can be coming out of your bank account automatically you can quite quickly get into the situation where you are paying out hundreds in unwanted bills. Let’s take a look at some ways you can save some cash and stop being overcharged.

Cable Or Satellite TV Services

I bet most of us started out our paid television service enticed by a 6 or 12 moth half price offer or similar! Was great at the time, all those sports and movie channels for a small fee each month, but with life getting in the way you forget about the end date of the promotional price and you see you’re now paying a small fortune each month. Now the best thing to do here, assuming you enjoy the TV package, is to try and get back on the discount package by negotiating with your provider, asking for discount and, if necessary, threatening to leave.


Broadband is another service that has time limited introductory offers, expiring without warning and again leaving you paying the higher full price. Unlike TV services it’s not really as easy to get your current provider to haggle and drop you back down to the introductory offer so your best strategy is to use a broadband comparison service to switch provider and get a new deal that way, just be sure to make sure you don’t leave a gap in service from your old provider turning off and your new one starting.

Mobile Phone

choose low cost mobile phone service
A real unknown trick of the mobile phone industry is that a large part of your monthly payment is to pay off the phone handset and you can ask for this part of the payment to be stopped at the end of the contract date which brings your payment down considerably, this means you are free to either get a new deal if you want a new phone or have a massively reduced bill if you want to keep your current one.

Another great tip is to use an unlocked phone, especially when travelling as you can swap in as many pay as you go sim cards as you like.


In a similar, but actually much worse way, broadband and TV services insurance companies not only don’t reward loyalty they are known to actively punish it by massively increasing the loyal customers premium even though they have not claimed and no other circumstances have changed. You really need to shop around every single year and be aware of the renew date because many policies automatically renew and then you’re stuck for another year or have to pay a fee to break the contract.

Anything You Are Not Using

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Another thing to be aware of is any monthly or yearly subscriptions you are not using but still paying for, things usually include gym membership, online subscriptions, premium bank account features and the like. The easiest way to find out how many of these you have is to check your online banking and see the list of current direct payments and then get in touch with the providers and cancel these services.