5 simple ways to save energy on household tech
Most modern homes are fitted with the latest technology to help make home life easier. And, while they are becoming more efficient, their increased use evens out the gains. This is because electronics make up a huge percentage of household energy costs, not to mention energy prices keep rising with each passing day. The good news is you can save a significant amount of energy by simply understanding how electricity gets wasted. Other than saving you money on energy bills, reduced energy consumption also reduces the harmful emissions released into the environment. With that said, here’s how to save energy on household tech:

Keep Track Of Your Energy Consumption

Keeping track of your energy consumption is the first step to reducing energy consumption. Seeing how much energy you consume, as well as the subsequent costs will motivate you to make further changes to reduce energy usage. You can keep track of the energy used by your laptop, TV, and other electronics by learning how to measure home energy using an energy monitor.

Consider Energy-Efficient Streaming Devices

Streaming has become quite popular with many choosing streaming services like Netflix over the traditional cable TV. It’s, however, important to know the impact each streaming device has on your energy consumption. For instance, game consoles consume more energy than laptops and smart TVs. The most economical way to stream is to invest in energy-efficient streaming devices such as Apple TV. They consume far less energy, which in turn cuts down the electricity bills. You can also compare energy tariffs to ensure you are getting the best deal from your energy supplier.

Use the Energy Saving Settings on Your Phone

Smartphones tend to consume more electricity through repeated charging. It’s advisable to adjust your phone settings to reduced power loss. Setting your phone to silent mode, instead of vibration or ringtone mode, reduces battery power usage. Apps that are running unnecessarily in the backgrounds should also be closed to avoid draining power. This power-saving technique also reduces mobile data usage. Other simple ways to reduce battery usage on your phone include setting it to power saving mode, reducing the screen’s brightness, shortening screen timeout, disabling GPS, etc. These simple steps will not only reduce energy consumption but also prolong the phone’s battery life.

mobile phone energy savings

Use the Power Saving Settings on Your Laptop

Most people prefer using laptops than desktops as they are considered more energy efficient. The good news is you can further reduce energy consumption by adjusting your laptops power saving settings. For starters, they can be set to hibernate or sleep mode, both of which will save power. In sleep mode, all open documents are put into memory while the laptop goes into a low-power state. On the other hand, during hibernation, no power is used to save all open documents to the hard disc. Note that newer models are much more energy-efficient than older ones.

Reduce Your TV’s Brightness

There are significant energy savings to be made with your TV. Modern TVs have ambient light sensors, which are more energy efficient. A new TV always has factory settings, which puts the screen extremely bright. To reduce energy consumption, lower the screen brightness and consider using the ambient light sensor. This sensor can adjust the screen’s brightness according to the amount of light in the room. Less light equals less energy consumption, which in turn reduces energy bills.