Through business process automation, companies are able to reduce costs and turnaround time, improve efficiency and productivity, save time and improve quality. Repetitive tasks, tasks that involve lots of data, tasks that require uniformity, critical business tasks and tasks that take too long to complete are some examples of criterion businesses can use when choosing what to automate. Automation needs arise as a business grows and processes expand and increase. Below are eight things you need to automate.

Lead Capturing

lead generation business automate
Lead generation is critical but it is one of the most tedious business processes. By automating lead capturing, you will get more prospects without spending too much time and effort on the process. Your team can spend the extra time focusing more on nurturing the leads and getting them to convert.

Closing Sales

Every company has a sales closing process. By automating that process, you can save time and close more deals. Eliminating the manual processes in closing sales will leave you with more time to devote to the prospects that need nurturing and answering customer queries to generate more sales.


email responds business automate
There is so much you can automate when it comes to emails to save time and also improve customer experience. You can automate welcome emails, order notifications, thank you emails, reminders, upsells and cross-sells and cart abandonment emails among many others. With email automation software, you don’t have to send emails manually. Emails will be sent automatically to your subscribers based on certain triggers. This email automation guide by Sendinblue explains the benefits and process of email automation further. Sendinblue is a company offering cloud-based digital marketing tools for managing email campaigns and other business processes.

Customer Service

Great customer service is essential for branding, customer loyalty, and customer acquisition. Through automation, you can boost customer service through automated responses. Most customers and prospects don’t like waiting for long to get a response after contacting a business. An automated response can give them the assurance that you will attend to them as soon as possible. Automation can also assist your customer service staff in determining who to attend to first. And finally, you can have ready-made responses for the repetitive and common questions to ensure that customers with such questions get immediate responses.

Social Media

social media business automate
Social media is a digital marketing channel every business should be using. It is an effective platform for interacting with customers and prospects and generating leads. However, social media takes work, especially when it comes to posting. And if you are not consistent with posting, your followers will soon forget about you. To avoid this, make use of automation software to schedule posts and post automatically. The software can also help in sharing one post across all social media platforms. This eliminates the tedious process of posting to each channel individually. Other benefits of automation in social media include reusing old content, keeping track of mentions, comments, and likes across all social media platforms, and effectively measuring the success of your campaigns.


Automating your appointments can help in eliminating issues such as double booking. Make use of software that shows your time available so as to avoid inconveniencing other people. A canceled meeting with a client can ruin the reputation of your company and thus it should be avoided. Most software for appointments and scheduling also come with a feature for automatically sending reminders so that people don’t miss appointments. Using software for appointments is a pretty nice approach for managing your time and staying organized.

Customer Feedback

customer feedback business automate
Customer feedback is a big asset in every organization. By collecting enough feedback, you can learn more about your customers and identify the areas you need to improve. To get more feedback from customers, consider sending automated requests for feedback through email. This can be done shortly after the purchase. Allow the customer a few days to receive and use the product before sending out the request.


Every person coming to your event will follow the same process during registration and they will require the same items. Instead of going through all this with every person, automate the process and save time. Automation can facilitate seamless signup, detail sharing and sending out reminders.

For automation to work well for your business, start by understanding what and why you need to automate. Next, choose the right automation tools and have a good implementation plan. These are big changes and thus plan well and involve your team and experts in the process. And as you introduce new software, remember business processes work hand in hand. Therefore, don’t forget about integration when choosing your automation tools. Integration just like automation has major benefits to a business. Some of them include increased efficiency, better analysis and decision making, better customer experience, cost and time saving, and increased sales among other things.