4K vs 8K TV
Television, as we know is an electronic device, which acts as a powerful entertainment medium; it made its debut in the early 90s. It replaced Radio as a great primitive technology. Since then Television has undergone a lot of development and advancements. It has moved from the big box with three inch screen to high definition LEDs, which provide you with a better picture quality.

The modern day televisions are known to come with better picture quality, this makes it different from the primitive technology television. Basically, today’s television comprises of modern technology and has high definition quality of pictures and videos.

Currently the televisions are known by the quality of picture they produce(the pixel quality), it includes the basic 720p, 1080p, 2K, UHD or the Ultra High Definition, 4K and the recently released 8K televisions.

The Born of 4K and 8K Television

It’s the era of ultra-high definition video or picture quality. 4K and 8K televisions with UHD quality are already out in the market. They are making an existence over the masses and people are going gaga over the clarity, picture quality, experience they get watching on high definition screens.

The quality of a TV screen is measured by the resolution provided by it. Resolution refers to the pixels, which combine to form a picture on the screen. A single pixel consists of one tiny dot on the screen. Several of such dots combine to form an image, which is then displayed on the screen.

For an instance, on an average every house has a television with 720p resolution, it has one million dots. This helps the television to produce better quality of images that is appealing to our eyes.

Now the pixels per screen have increased from 720×1280 (720p) to 7680×4320 (8K) with better technology. 8K being the best screen resolution provided on a television screen is pretty much a new technology for the viewers too.

You have to have a high definition television at your home, with the increase quality of VFX. Having an UHD quality TV really helps to enjoy the movies. 4K and 8K resolutions of TVs are what are currently leading the trend. As people are getting fond of better picture quality, they do want to replace their old TV and bring in a big screen, better picture quality television for their home.

However, when it comes to buying the right television for your home, one can be in a perplexed situation too. Quality does matter the most, but you also need to consider the features offered, availability, durability and lastly it must fall under your budget.

Here are 4K vs 8K TV comparison before you decide

Features of 4K television

4k uhd tv
4K TV is of course better than the premium HD TV. It provides you with 4 times the resolution of any HD TV. 4K resolution is currently the best TV that exists in the market; it gives you an extraordinary experience.

The 4K screen provides you with high picture quality, as it has the 4K X-reality PRO-processing feature. A HD TV is known to have around 1 million individual pixel dots; however the 4K screen has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, which makes it around eight million pixel dots.

You also have better sound quality with the amazing picture clarity of 4K televisions. Some 4K TVs come with inbuilt woofers, increasing the quality of sound whenever you are looking for something special.

There is a lack of 4K content present in the market; however the TV comes with a quick and easy internet access using WLAN. This enables you to get an amazing viewing experience; also you can browse the internet whenever you want.

Features of 8K television

8k uhd tv
The 8K resolution is the next highest high definition television; it is still very new in the market. It provides you with two times more resolution than the 4K TV.

The picture quality with the 8K is something very amazing. The traditional HD TV has a picture with a resolution of 720×1280, but with 8K you get eight times the resolution of an HD TV. The 8K screen has a resolution of 7680×4320.

The 8k high resolution display does allow the user to watch the picture without the pixels getting distorted. Well, the 8K cameras do play an important role to get the content that can be played on an 8K UHD screen.

The 8K is yet to become a mainstream entertainment medium, as there is still a lot of developments needed to get the content that can be displayed on such definitive screens. 8K UHD is definitely better than the 4K UHD TVs, as you get to have a better picture clarity. The TVs do produce a better sound quality. It definitely gives you a more appealing viewing experience.

4K vs 8K TV table comparison

Features or Specifications 4K 8K
Resolutions 3840 x 2160 pixels 7680 x 4320 pixels
Total pixels 8 million pixels 33 million pixels
Frame Rate 50-60 fps 120 fps
Standard viewing distance and angle Viewing distance for it is around three times the height of the TV. It can be viewed at an angle of 60°. Viewing distance for it is around 0.75 the height of the TV. It can be viewed amazingly at an angle of 100°.

Final Conclusion

Both 4K and the 8K HD TVs provides the viewer an amazing viewing experience, with great picture clarity and vivid visualization. However, we can’t simply choose a TV, because of the features or specs that it has.

Pricing or Budget is an important aspect of purchasing things. You must know that with 4K TV you definitely see a significant change from the past full HD TVs. But with 8K, there is hardly any noticeable change found compared to 4K TV. Though it is definitely a better television, but the huge price difference doesn’t compensate with the added features.

Another important point to consider is that the content to display on the TV with UHD is yet not obtained. Not every movie or show that you play has the quality of 4K resolution or 8K resolution. As 4K resolution TVs made its entry prior to 8K resolution TVs, it definitely has more impact on the people. Moreover 8K although new, is going to become popular very soon, because of its better picture clarity.

There you go, details comparison on 4K vs 8K TV. Choice is yours. Choose wisely…