Escape games have already become a worldwide craze, and it’s no exception for Edmonton and Calgary. This highly engaging game on the tests your patience, problem-solving skill, observation power, and much more too. What’s more, it even tests your mind, behavior, and attitude in pressure and difficult situations.

Escape Room

Escape games also have proven benefits when it comes to building team bonding skills. These games will help you set up great team bonding and communication skills through unique and challenging tasks. Are you now interested in finding what are the tasks that you will need to perform in escape games?

In escape games, players are locked in a room. Note, it’s not that easy to get yourself free from the locked rooms. Well, the main objective is to solve a mission and get escaped from the locked room before the time runs out! In every step, while escaping out, your observation and problem-solving skills will be tested.

Plus, team communication and team coordination are an absolute must while getting success in escape room games. Considering all the above benefits, are you interested in playing escape games? If yes, then Escape Hour is proud to offer you the advantage of booking a gaming slot and enjoy the best and most enthralling gaming experience with the locker room and quest room.

Real-Life Gaming With Escape Hour

Both locker room and quest room come with a unique gaming environment that is filled with unsolved puzzles, mysteries, and enigmas. You must solve these riddles and puzzles efficiently so that you proceed to the next step! In the process of solving, you must apply your critical reasoning, team boding, good communication, and problem solving skills. Since the game is set to test your patience and calm, please do not lose your cool at any point.

In case if you need any help, you can reach out to the dedicated game master who is willing to assist you with your issues, concerns, and demands. The entire activity of this game is to offer you both fun and challenging ways to spend time with your near and dear ones! If you wish to spend time with your family, partner, or friends, then these games can be one of the unique ways to enjoy the timeouts.

Rest assured that escape games will help you to rediscover yourself as well as your team within a short span of time. Rest assured that you will enjoy lots of thrill, excitement, and enthrallment.