asus rog phone 2 spec and review

It is considered as one of the best gaming phone designed till now. It provides all the features that a player need for gaming. There are many features that make it the perfect phone for gaming as it is. Asus has several versions of gaming which is mainly of ROG series. Now we have new version releasing at different dates in different locations and you will be sure to get amazed at its wide range of specifications. Asus has now released with its second generation gaming phone and let’s take a look at the main specifications.

Asus ROG Phone II Specs

  • Processor: Qualcomm snapdragon 855+chipset with an octa core.
  • Clock speed: 2.96 GHz.
  • Architecture: 64 bit.
  • Graphics: Adreno 640.
  • RAM: 12 GB.
  • SIM slots: dual SIM- GSM+GSM Volte.
  • SIM size: nano
  • Screen size: 6.59 inches.
  • Screen Resolution: 1080X2340 pixels
  • Pixel density: 39 ppi
  • Display type: AMOLED.
  • Internal memory: 256/512 GB.
  • Resolution: 48 MP+13 MP primary camera, 24 MP front camera.
  • Flash: dual LED flash.
  • Shooting modes: continuous shooting, high dynamic range mode (HDR).
  • Battery: 6000 mAh.

The above were the main features. Other than the main features there are many other features which are discussed below.

This phone has a fingerprint scanner on the front. There are many other sensors like light sensors, proximity sensor, accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope.

It consist of a loudspeaker with audio jack of 3.5 mm. Wi-Fi of 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n, MIMO are the different kinds of Wi-Fi protocols that can be used over the phone. Mobile hotspot is available.

Bluetooth is enabled with version 5.0. GPS of A-GPS and glonass. Network support is made comfortable for all 4G, 3G and 2G. It has a height of 170.9 mm and width of 77.9 mm. It has a very comfortable thickness, from a gamer’s perspective which is 9.7 mm. Weight is the most important parameter for gamers. They do not want it to be heavy as they have with them all the time and would want to carry light. So it is designed to weigh around 240 grams.

One disadvantage of this phone is that it doesn’t support expandable memory. But this still is the best as it already has 256/512 GB of space which is big enough to accommodate all your games in one unit. This mobile is known to use snapdragon 855+ first which makes an amazing feature of it. This is clocked 15% better performance than the previous 845 i.e., Asus ROG phone 1. Since its battery is made of 6000 mAh battery, it has the capacity to hold on the battery power for two days substantially.

Screen area is 6.59 inches, which provides a comfortable screen area to play games on it. It is designed the best for landscape (horizontal) view and play. To provide comfort after considering various aspects, the surface is made flat for better gaming experience to the users. It is also designed in such a way that you are not disturbed by any other button. Example, to provide you with comfort while playing the game, the USB ports are provided at the side and at the bottom so that you do not struggle with the wires being attached. The volume and power buttons are also kept in a safe region, providing space for you to hold the mobile accurately and play comfortably.

It is quite obvious that when you use any electronic gadget for a long time continuously, it will heat up. In order to avoid that, this phone is attached to vapor chamber and vents that lead the heat out of the phone, hence protecting the processor from damage and ensures long battery life. 50% of battery life is increased than the previous one.

It promises to provide the facility to play non-stop 7 hours of PUBG without any problem. It is mounted with stereo speakers which provides the best quality that support DTS: X Ultra which say that they are 2.5x louder than the original speakers.

There are some additional accessories that can be bought and used to attach along with the phone in order to give you a better experience. One such attachment is the ROG kunai game pad which sort of turns the handset into a Nintendo switch which controls at either of the ends. The accessories contain buttons required to play, which can be connected to the mobile which will work as a wireless controller via a Bluetooth connection.

You can even connect separate controllers as wireless controller. This phone makes use of 120 Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. By using this refresh rate, the fast-moving animated games appear clearer and smooth. Lag is not experienced because of the same reasons. If the responsiveness is increased to 240 Hz, it will be more responsive and Asus claims an ultra-low touch latency of 50 ms.

It also uses a lot of colors and uses 10-bit HDR for 1035 million colors which means the picture is very detailed with minor shades that you want to display as it is with much more intensity. It is designed to be comfortable to hold in landscape view as a way most gamers play and weight is distributed evenly on all the sides. The adreno graphics 640 processing unit is 15% increased by the performance.

Storage is also increased to 256/512 GB. All the accessories available are highly available and robust. It is said to be the most comfortable phone to play on. It returns a slicker gaming experience than any other flagship phones. Users experience is amazing on using it with joy pads that is connected to the side of the phone. Joysticks attached to it are responsive.

First look at video review of Asus ROG Phone II

asus rog phone 2 video review

Difference between ASUS ROG phone 1 and ASUS ROG phone 2

ASUS ROG phone version 1 is designed with android version 8.1 Oreo whereas ASUS ROG phone 2 is made of android 9 pie.

The version 1 phone was powered by QUALCOMM snapdragon 845 octa core processor, whereas version 2 is powered by QUALCOMM snapdragon 855+. Both the versions of the phone do not support expandable memory. The allowed SIM connectivity is 4g and 3g in the first version, whereas in the second version it is 4g, 3g as well as 2g.

The fingerprint sensor in the second version is attached to the screen, whereas in the first version it was at the rear fingerprint sensor which can be done on the back case of the phone. The reason they have attached the fingerprint on the screen in case of the second version is to provide wide space for the user to rest his/her hand at the back when playing in landscape mode.

The next factor that we can consider to compare the two models is the display protection.

When it comes to the first version, gorilla glass 5 protective glass was used.

In the second model, gorilla glass 6 protective glass is used to provide better protection of the screen along with splash and scratch resistance and many other factors.

When it comes to memory, there is lot of improvement in the second version with the ram, increased from 8 GB to 12 GB with 256/512 GB from 128/512 GB internal storage.

Another important factor that people look for in case of a multi-purpose phone like Asus ROG is the camera. The specifications of the camera, in case of the first model in ASUS ROG are: 12+8 MP dual rear camera with an 8MP front camera.

In the case of the second model of ASUS ROG it is 48+13 MP dual rear camera and 24 MP front camera.

When we compare both the models, even though ASUS ROG 2 provides a lot of additional features as compared to the other previous models, it is cost effective than the first model of ASUS which makes it a recommended model for all the gamers.

asus rog phone 2 accesories
It has already acquired a lot of attention and all the gamers are looking forward to the release of this model across the world. The accessories bought into this model are much more attractive which makes the gamers attracted towards it. There is a lot of attention attracted already towards model 2 as it is given with the latest specifications running.

Asus ROG II Accesories

  • AeroActive Cooler II
  • Aero Case
  • TwinView Dock II
  • ROG Kunai Gamepad
  • Mobile Desktop Dock
  • Pro Dock
  • WiGig Display Dock Plus
  • ROG Lighting Armor Case

Let’s explore the differences between both snapdragon 845 and snapdragon 855+ which is used in the first model and second model of ASUS ROG respectively. One of the obvious difference between them is its manufacturing process. Qualcomm 855+ is Qualcomm’s first 7nm FinFET chip as compared to 10nm FinFET chip for snapdragon 845.

Snapdragon 855 is also the first tri-cluster CPU design. GPU update is a little more traditional, jumping from Adreno 630 to Adreno 640 from the first model to second model respectively. The second model is based on the cortex A76 whereas snapdragon 845 is based on cortex A75.

Thus we can conclude by saying that both the models have all the qualities that a gamer may require but ASUS ROG phone 2 is strongly recommended.