Your hard disk works day and night, it needs some rest, right? Defragmentation is the process by which you maintain the speed and working of your hard disk easily. If you are facing problems such as in loading and unloading a game or dealing with bulk of data, it means your drive needs some maintenance.

Why defragmentation is important?

Defragmentation helps to boost up the working of your system. Defragmentation gives you full control on your files and system. It frees some space in the system for your ease. You will observe that after defragmentation your system will not work quickly but also efficiently. There is variety of defragmentation tools available. Selecting the best Defragmentation tool may be crucial at the start. But don’t worry here are some best defragmentation tools for windows:


defraggler best defrag tool
It is the best free defragmentation tool available for windows. It is totally free to use. You don’t need to pay for its amazing features. It not only defrags the system but also empties some space in the internal system. It defrags all the files and folders in your PC. You can also get this software on flash drives. It quickens the running of different applications. It is best for heavy hard drives.

It can easily be installed on window vista and windows 8.

Smart Defrag

smart defrag tool
When you are looking for automatic defrag, go for Smart Defrag. It comes along with advanced features. During defragmentation process it removes all the junk files and folders from your system. When its magic works on your system you will find a very fast and efficient working system. It enhances the overall performance of the system. Apart from windows Smart defrags can be accessed from the control panel.

It works well with windows 8, 7 and 10. It also supports NTFS and FAT32 files.

Auslogics Disk Frag

auslogics disk frag
Looking for an increased speed in your hard drive? It is the best defragmentation software tool but it is also available in portable mode. You can easily use it on removable flash drives. It optimizes the hard disk and deletes al the unnecessary files from your system. Its unique interface makes it easy to use. It not only increases the access speed but also speed up the searching result and loading process of videos and games.

Puran Defrag

puran defrag tool
Puran Defrag is very intelligent software; it automatically removes junk files and makes access to rest of the files quickly. Scheduling option is also available in Puran defrag is compatible with windows XP and Windows server 2003. It is very easy to use because of its friendly environment. Using this tool will give no harm to all your valuable files.

Disk Speed Up

disk speedup defrag tool
Are you looking for a super simple and best defrag tool to use? This is the right one. It is free software available in the market. When it completes the defragmentation process it turns the computer off. It improves the access time of the system. Its portable version is also available. It helps in gaining high performance of the system.