best playstation virtual reality games
Virtual Reality (VR) is the terminology used to represent highly sophisticated technology and it is used for the creation of an artificial environment. With the help of innovative software and virtual reality headsets, the user will comprehend the real environment with the computer generated environment. To experience the VR, you will wear a VR headset over your eyes and the physical space will be separated visually.

The virtual reality games for PlayStation are very popular. You can go through the top 5 VR games listed below:


RIGS is a great game where the player will have access to a killer-robot with massive destruction capabilities. By using the controls on the robot, it is possible to wipe out the enemy robots in an effortless manner. The fast paced game will give you the highest level of entertainment.

Most of the VR-enthusiasts will opt for the game as it will help you overcome various challenges by using versatile controls. There will be connectivity with the VR and social gaming with RIGS. ‘E-sports’ conducts various kinds of sports and tournaments and there is a great response from players all over the world. The game will enhance the prospects of competitive VR.

The RIGS mechanized combat league is exclusively available on PlayStation 4. It comes under the Sports/First Person Shooter Genre. The product is developed by Guerrilla Cambridge and it is published by SIEA. If you pre-order RIGS, you will get the Guerrilla Games Outfit as well. The kit includes 1 Guerrilla Games Pilot Uniform, 1 Guerrilla Games Pilot Helmet and 2 Guerrilla Games Pilot Visors. The multiplayer game has rich visuals and music tracks.

Arkham VR

Arkham VR resembles the superhero depiction of video games. The VR-adventure will let you explore the batman costume. You can wear a cowl as well as part of the game. The game is published and developed by Rocksteady Studios. It comes under the Action/Adventure genre. By playing the game, you will become the Dark Knight in the virtual reality world. As a detective, you will explore new places. You should have PlayStation VR to play the game. It can be played by one person.

You should explore the game from Batman’s perspective. The game was released on October 11, 2016. The game is based on the comic book Mythos which belongs to the same franchisee. You can understand that the storyline of the game will be in between Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight. The Arkham VR should investigate the vanishing of Nightwing and Robin.

The batman character delivers best physical and mental capabilities and he is pioneer in martial arts as well.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

If you are interested in horror video games, you can try Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The game was developed and published by Capcom. It was released in January 2017. Having experienced many joyful vr games, you can find great difference with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. However, you should have a flair for horror scenarios.

The game is based on the tale of a person who falls in love and forgets about it as he felt a very remote chance of realization of the dream. However, she reveals her love and delivers the keys to explore the location. After going through the deep woods, the location will be identified as an abandoned house.

You will figure out the destination as a prison but not a house. During the exploration, you should go through great horror and violence. Many tragic things take place throughout the exploration. The first person survivor game will let you explore the chances in a very efficient manner. You should obtain the resources and they should be used to amplify your chances of survival.

EVE: Valkyrie

By playing the EVE: Valkyrie game, you will become an elite fighter pilot. The game is published by CCP Games and it comes under the action/shooter genre. There will be great thrill by playing the game as an elite spaceship pilot. You are required to join the outlawed pirates and take up arms. You will exchange fire for cash.

You will go through various kinds of ships and there will be a great chance to customize them as per your needs. You should be aware of various kinds of combat styles and there will be great freedom to fly. As you play the exciting action genre game, you will have great immersive experience with the virtual reality.

The multiplayer game has great potential to develop competitive spirit. There will be progression in the game based on your skill and it is possible to exercise complete control over the combat style of the pilot in an effortless manner. The game has stunning visuals and great story with which you will be taken into deep futuristic sci-fi world.

Elite: Dangerous

The space adventure game can be played on PlayStation 4. The game features combat and adventure exercises as well. The game is published and developed by Frontier Developments. As part of the game, the player should master the spaceship operation. The open-ended game play will give great scope for adventure and excitement.

The massively multiplayer game can be enjoyed by players by exploring the galaxy and the Milky Way which is reproduced as per high galactic proportions. Pre-order customers are lucky enough to receive gold paint job for the sidewinder ship.

The game begins with a small starship. There will be few credits and players should explore various options to earn skill and knowledge. By gaining the power and wealth, the player will survive in the game. The player will be able to stand with other elites by utilizing the options in the best possible way.

You can go through the 400 billion star systems which cannot be explored in the real-world as well. You can change the galaxy by deploying the planetary landings, engineers, guardians, and commanders. The game lets you travel to distant locations from stars to the surface of strange worlds. The game-changing loot operations can be performed with the help of engineers.

Final Conclusion

Virtual reality has great potential to rule the video games. There will be great convenience with these games. You can interact with 3D images which can be explored on an interactive basis with various kinds of input devices.