best smartphones for summer 2013

Summer 2013 is finally here and as usual the must have smartphones have come out to taunt us with their awesomeness. There is much to be said as to what is good and what isn’t in the smartphone realm but we decided to condense our top smartphones for the summer into six clear distinct winners. So here they are.

Samsung Galaxy S4

It has to be touched to be loved. Not really, but we guarantee that once the GS4 is in your hand, you will be in love. It has a spectacular display, it is slim and light and it carries some impressive features. Samsung has once again released a device worthy of taking the crown of the Android race. Not much can be said to that and after all they are the top cellphone manufacturer in the world.


It is the best looking Android phone to date; it carries some of the most impressive features beheld on a smartphone. What’s not to like about the HTC One? Nothing really, unless you want to nitpick at its low resolution camera. But if you’re like us, its sexiness is overwhelming and it’s performance is rock solid.

iPhone 5

It’s sleek, 0.5 inches longer, though we doubt you’ll notice (pun definitely intended) and it comes with one of the most complete mobile operating systems we have ever used. There isn’t much to hate about the iPhone unless you dislike Apple, but if you decide to go the whole Apple route, you can be assured that your purchasing a solid device with great battery life and an awesome camera and display.

Sony Xperia Z

Sony did one hell of a job with the XPERIA Z. This phone carries a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 1080p 5-inch display and Android Jellybean, all wrapped up in a shock and water resistant body. That’s right folks, the XPERIA Z can spend 30 minute trips  at the bottom of your pool without drowning and it can even withstand the water jets of your Jacuzzi. It’s really one of the best looking and most capable Android phones you could ever buy.

BlackBerry Z10

The Z10 is BlackBerry’s foray back into the hearts and minds of people everywhere, or at least an attempt at that. It features the brand new BlackBerry 10 operating system and comes with a healthy choice of apps. The phone itself is pretty beefy featuring a 720p screen, dual-core processor and some awesome built-in features like screen sharing. Plus you have the world famous BlackBerry Messenger to boot.

Nokia Lumia 928

This Windows phone for Verizon packs some nice punches in a sexy polycarbonate body. It features a 4.5-inch 720p screen, dual-core processor and Windows Phone 8 as well as one of the best mobile cameras we have used. There’s not much to dislike about the device other then it is a bit heavy. But if you want a breath of fresh air from the whole iPhone and Android rat race, this is your best option.