Blackberry Curve Cell Phone

Ever want to own a BlackBerry Curve? This bluetooth-enabled media player is not just for email. It is slim and trim and is something that will fit inside your pocket. Take a look at Digitalgeeky’s BlackBerry Curve cell phone review below:

To start with the positive, the BlackBerry Curve has a modest price of around $200 dollars. This is through AT&T and you must get a two year contract. If you want it without a contract the price is going to go up somewhere around one hundred dollars. The name is “Curve” and it is just as curvy as the other BlackBerry models. It is an attractive looking cell phone with its black and silver layout although the 8350i model is darker than the other models. You may also get it in a dark red model. The keypad is a plus, with the buttons being spaced very well and no “slippery” experiences while using it. The BlackBerry Curve is easy while being used as a phone even though it is wider than most regular cell phones. The overall small design will have you ignoring its width.

The BlackBerry Curve comes in five different model numbers such as 8300, 8330, 8350i, 8310, and 8320. The main difference between all the model numbers is that the lower numbers represent a BlackBerry Curve that does not have video recording. The Curve 8300 and 8320 models do not have GPS, and the 8350i is the only model to have PTT ( Push To Talk ). The 8350i has a 2 megapixel camera with zoom, flash and video recording. To enhance the video, the BlackBerry Curve 8350i has an advanced media player. The expandable micro SD slot will allow you to keep more of those videos on file or load them up on your computer. This model also has stereo Bluetooth version 2.0, wifi, and built-in GPS capabilities. The prices start at $150 with a Sprint contract and top out around $600 elsewhere for the BlackBerry Curve 8350i.

Some of the best things about the BlackBerry Curve is the camera and the way you can text with one hand. The camera takes great, clear pictures and with the enhanced storage abilities via the micro SD card, you can be sharing them even more. Can you get about one thousand photos on the BlackBerry Curve? Yes! When it is time for texting, it is quick and easy, as a BlackBerry should be. You will be flying through your texts and emails with much greater ease. Why not take a look at a BlackBerry Curve and see all these great features for yourself ?