BlackBerry Javelin Cell Phone Review

Since the BlackBerry Javelin has come to town things just will not be the same. This is a great smaller BlackBerry sure to please users anywhere. Take a quick look at this BlackBerry Javelin cell phone review and make up your own mind instead of just wondering.

The BlackBerry Javelin is also called the “BlackBerry 8900”. This new smartphone has a lot going for it. It is similar to the “Curve” also made by BlackBerry, but it is more powerful and even smaller. The initial reaction to those who are already using BlackBerry products like the Curve is that it just “feels right”. The battery door will hold the micro SD card ( hot swappable ) and is engineered with an automatic “grip” that is a nice option. The latching device for the door is integrated in the door and not in the body of the BlackBerry Javelin. If the latch ever breaks, you replace the door, not the body of the BlackBerry Javelin. This is both easier and cheaper. Once you get the door open, the micro SD card and the SIM card are inside. The micro SD card is easily removed, while getting at the SIM card requires the removal of the battery. Once the battery is out it is an easy reach to remove the SIM on the BlackBerry Javelin.

If you are a speed freak you will want to get your hands on the BlackBerry Javelin. For those concerned with performance, the BlackBerry Javelin comes with a 512 megahertz processor. You also get 256 megabytes of onboard flash memory. Not bad, but not quite as fast as the BlackBerry Bold. However, it is faster than the BlackBerry Pearl or Curve.

For the outer looks, the BlackBerry Javelin comes in ahead of the pack. The navigation buttons are flush with the lens of the screen to promote a smooth look. The QWERTY keyboard has what is called the “sweet spot”. It is a narrow type of keyboard that some say is too small. This will of course depend on the size of your fingers. You have to remember the BlackBerry Javelin is small compared to other BlackBerry models. The BlackBerry Javelin will slide right into your pocket. Some call it a mini sized BlackBerry Bold. The camera is on the back of the BlackBerry Javelin. It is a 3.2 megapixel camera. Though there nothing really special about the graphic ability of the camera, there is something that is. The camera is enclosed in one piece of glass. This is a nice touch for the Javelin.

One down side of the BlackBerry Javelin is that it lacks 3G capability. For many people this will keep them away from the Javelin. This lack of 3G makes the BlackBerry Javelin slower since the 3G technologies enable data to be transferred faster. Despite this lack of data speed, other things like the clear, bright screen and the neat micro USB charging port are great features. The lock button is hidden in the top corner and is under the smooth casing. All in all, the BlackBerry Javelin is an attractive yet small package with some big benefits for those who buy it.