choosing decent writing service online
It is evident that being a student from time to time you have to address writing services for assistance with your academic assignments. The good thing is there are plenty of services ready, able and eager to provide you with such help. The bad thing, is that you will have to spend some time choosing the most suitable one. We have collected some tips which will help you to choose a decent writing service on the Internet and receive a well-thought-out paper within the given deadline. Follow our steps.

Step #1. Define Your Criteria of a Decent Writing Service

For someone, a decent writing service is a service used by many, for someone it is the one with the moderate prices and careful promises, for another person it is an expensive writing service with boutique offers and exclusive design. We don’t know your criteria, so you should figure them out yourself. Don’t waste too much time on it, just make sure you have a list of 3-5 points on which you will check later, when the second step comes.

  • Cheap or expensive?
  • Classic or modern design?
  • Popular or boutique?
  • Experienced or new, but with clower prices?
  • International or working only in your market?

Step #2. Give Yourself a Day for Research

writing research
This should include asking for references, comparing prices, looking online for feedback, talking with support team members, etc. Of course, you don’t have to allocate all the day for this, but you should limit yourself with one day, otherwise after getting stuck with writing you will get stuck with choosing a service to help you out, and finally you will fail to submit your paper on time. One day is enough time to choose a service for your academic assignment, believe us. You should:

  • Ask for recommendations from your friends
  • Ask in detail, according to your list
  • Compare prices per page for your due date and year of study
  • Check on guarantees
  • Check whether support team is responsive or not

Step #3. Gather All the Instructions

The system works this way — you place your order, you pay for it, and an assigned writer jumps into action. Officially, you can’t add any new instructions, requirements, or make any changes later. Unofficially, some agency allow that but only at the first stages. So it is better not to take risks and do as follows:

  • Copy a task given by your professor
  • Emphasize some logical parts
  • If your requirements are very voluminous, try to structure them the way the assigned writer will see the key ideas easily
  • Add your personal requirements, opinions, ideas
  • Add required references if any
  • If you have scanned textbooks you need to use or other materials — add them
  • Add anything else that can be helpful for a writer dealing with your assignment

Step #5. Stay Tuned and Don’t Go Missing

team of writers
It is very important to stay in touch with a service and the assigned writer, because sometimes you will be needed to answer questions and give your feedback. It is a good thing if a writer asks for your feedback while writing, as he is not obligated to do it. If you have a meaningful and long paper to be written, such as a research paper, term paper, thesis, you should think about paying for a Progressive Delivery option. It adds about 10% to the final cost of the paper, but you get to approve each part and pay in installments.

Choosing a reliable academic writing service with a professional team, don’t forget about your intuition as it is one of the most valuable assets you have. If you find a good service and stay satisfied with its work, address it the next time you need assistance too, as loyal clients get into extra discount programs.