iPod ModelsApple makes the world’s most popular MP3 player called iPods. Their very impressive lineup of iPod models have completely blown away all the other MP3 players on the market since iPods first started being sold back in 2001.

There are four different models of iPods. They are iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, and iPod Touch. Each varies differently in price and features. Just follow the iPod buying guide below to find out some more details about the different models of iPods and which would be the best for you.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod shuffle is the cheapest and smallest in size of all the iPods. You can either get the iPod Shuffle with 1GB of storage, which holds up to 240 songs and costs $49, or you can get the iPod Shuffle with 2GB of storage, which holds 500 songs and costs $69. Because the iPod shuffle is so small and only weighs about 15 grams, anyone can easily clip it onto their belt, pocket, or sleeve. So this iPod would definitely be the ideal choice for joggers or people who are looking for a light portable MP3 player.

The biggest downside to the iPod shuffle is you don’t get to easily find and pick the song that you want to listen to. It just completely shuffles all your music in random order. So if you’re one of those people who will some days like country music and soft rock music, and then other days like rap or hip-hop music, this probably isn’t the best iPod for you.

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The iPod Nano

The iPod nano has a very sleek design and really good features to go along with it. The iPod nano is one step up from the iPod shuffle. There are two different types of iPod nano you can choose from. You can either get the one with 8GB of storage, which holds 2,000 songs and 8 hours of videos for $124.99, or you can get the one with 16GB of storage, which holds 4,000 songs and 16 hours of videos.

Some newer features that were just added to the new iPod nano are very appealing. One of the new features is when you turn the iPod to the side, a new screen will come up with all of your song’s album covers, and you can pick your song that way. Another new feature is when you give your iPod a shake, it will change to another song.

Another great thing about the iPod nano is its weight and appearance. It only weighs about 36 grams, so it is easy to carry with you anywhere you go. The best part about its appearance is it doesn’t show scratches as easily as the iPod video of the iPod touch. Especially on the back of the iPod video and the iPod touch, you will most commonly see many scratches, and those scratches don’t show as easily on the iPod nano.

To be perfectly honest, there is not much of a downside to the iPod nano, unless you don’t like how small it is. For people who don’t have the best vision, it may be hard to see and read everything that’s on the screen on the nano.

The iPod Classic

The new iPod classic is based on the first iPod Apple ever made. Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of the iPod classic is the substantial amount of storage room. The iPod classics have 120GB of storage. That holds 30,000 songs and 150 hours of video.

This is Apple’s most expensive base price iPod. You can buy it at a bargain price of $219.97 at Buy.com. You are really paying for the storage with this iPod classic. If you don’t need all of that room for those 30,000 songs, then it’s probably not worth getting the iPod classic.

Another big downside to this iPod classic is its weight. It weighs about 150 grams, which isn’t ideal to be carried everywhere. But as stressed before, if you need that kind of substantial storage for your iPod, this is the perfect iPod for you!

The iPod Touch

The iPod touch is definitely one of Apple’s most advanced iPods. It has a large touch screen display. On the iPod, there is a free built-in Wi-Fi for internet surfing capability. So you can check your email, watch YouTube, check the weather, and more!

Although the iPod touch screen seems really cool at first, it is not for everyone. Especially for people with oily hands, or those who eat while listening to your iPod, the touch screen can get mucked up and hard to control.

One of the really cool things about the iPod touch is you can put games on it. Some games are free, but others you need to pay for. Some of the games have a Nintendo Wii-like feature where you need to move the iPod in certain directions as the controls for the game which is really cool.

The other feature that definitely makes purchasing songs and videos a lot easier and more convenient is you can buy songs on your iPod touch through the Apple store. You don’t need to go to your computer, buy your song, and upload it anymore. Buying songs is one click away on your iPod touch.

Final summary

iPod still one of the popular portable media devices, People prefer to use an iPod instead of their mobile smartphone because of its size, comfort, and affordability. Imagine going for a jog and carrying your smartphone to listen to music, they are chunky and heavy. Besides if you accidentally drop it, and break it, it will break your heart. On the other hand, the iPod is not that easy to break according to users.