e commerce marketing strategy

Marketing SMS templates

There are many effective strategies that can improve engagement with your target audience. One of the simplest is the SMS marketing campaign. The texts used in these marketing tactics should be as simple and understandable as possible. After reading your SMS, users will be able to appreciate the benefits of working with you and place an order, answering your call to action.

To make things easier, use popular BSG templates. They embody simple techniques to increase the interest of each customer in your brand. Customers who are always in touch should stay up to date with the work of your company to place an order or use the offered services at any convenient time.

Welcome SMS Examples

Before sending a message for the first time, you need to make sure that your client is ready to receive your newsletter. To do this, when they register on the pages of your site or for their first order, ask them to agree to receive SMS notifications. When customers provide you with their contact information, start using the selected SMS texting marketing strategy.

Send a welcome message with gratitude for registering and starting cooperation. You can include a link to get a discount or other bonus to make your purchases even more enjoyable.

Amazing abandoned cart messages

Customers often add items to and leave their cart without continuing to checkout. At this point, they may be looking for a better offer from your competitors. To avoid losing a customer, remind them of an abandoned cart. To do this, use automated tools for your text message marketing strategy.

Retargeting plays an important role in increasing conversions. Personalize your message by gently reminding your customers to continue shopping. Use the links, which bring users to the page with their shopping cart. Also, your message should include information about the availability of additional discounts and promotional offers on your site.

Discount text messages

To expand your customer base and increase brand loyalty, don’t forget about bonuses and discounts for each user. This could be:

  •  discount on the first purchase;
  •  free shipping;
  •  bonuses after purchase for a certain amount;
  •  birthday discounts and so on.

You should include a special promo code in the text of your message, which opens additional interesting offers on your site after indicating it. So that customers don’t forget about the use of bonuses, you can remind them about the possibility of viewing the list of promotions on the pages of your site. Sending messages will be even easier if you use a service provider for bulk SMS.

If your company provides a loyalty program for VIP clients, offer them seasonal promotions. This will be another way to maintain a relationship with your consumers. In a particularly critical period, you can include additional bonuses that will increase sales.