cyberpunk 2077 movies
Cyberpunk 2077, there is probably no gamer in the world that has not heard of this game by now. This is probably the most hyped game of the year and with good reason. The triple-A title was revealed years back by CD Projekt Red just when it started its development plans. The game was since then their primary focus. With the outstanding results and popularity their previous game Witcher 3  collected over the years, labeling it as the game of the decade, CD Projekt Red had a new goal in mind; to create the best game of the dawning decade.

What is behind the hype?

It is being developed by CD Projekt Red. CD Projekt Red has yet to disappoint its fans, as its previous titles were absolute masterpieces. Players still speak highly of them, so it’s pretty likely that their latest venture is going to be similar. Thanks to this, Cyberpunk 2077 is hinted to have a massive open world that is unrivaled by RPGs of its nature. Not only it’s interactive going to be unfathomable, it’s going to be loaded with those juicy quests similar to Witcher 3 that is going to leave its players filled with a sense of accomplishment after each one.

Even though CD Projekt Red picked up the idea of Cyberpunk 2077 through a tabletop RPG, it is pretty obvious that with the number of programmers, scriptwriters and resources they are busting in for this game, the content is going to be original and epic. With the lack of DRM, the game will probably have a lower price than most other games on the market today. CD Projekt Red has always been dedicated in their course of leaving out DRM in their games.

futuristic steampunk world of cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 is by far their most advanced game to date, crafted together by the best designers and programmers on the planet. By looking at the teaser gameplays, trailers, and information we have so far on the game, we can conclude that this game will probably require hundreds of hours to complete. The interactive NPCs, the breathtaking steampunk world, and everything else will need a good amount of dedication and effort to explore and interact. The breathtaking graphics and the immersive storyline is all the motivation you need.

CD Projekt Red is not alone

Just months before the release of the game Nvidia, a giant in the world of gaming hardware released a rare Cyberpunk version of its most prestigious graphics card at the time; a rare Cyber2077 version of the 2080ti. The rare one of a kind graphics card soon became the most sought out collectible by gamers and its price skyrocketed. Some owners even sold their own Cyberpunk 2077 themed 2080ti for as high as $2500, at the moment there are bids for the item that goes as high as $3500.

But with Nvidia RTX 30 series released, is it worth getting this limited edition? Because RTX 2080 Ti have a lower performance score than RTX 30 series low-end GPU such as the RTX 3060 and RTX 3070

cyberpunk 2077 nvidia 2080 ti limited edition
The hype became overwhelming. Cyberpunk 2077 was gaining valuable attention through every means possible, and it has eventually led to this day where it is just days away from release.

So, how are you going to kill time until its release?

The release date is November 19th, and even if it’s just about a month away from being in your hands ready to play, the anticipation must be killing you. The best way to embrace the game is to immerse yourself in the world of steampunk, and what better way is there for it than through movies.

There are loads of movies that are set in a steampunk world, with many that are box office hits. Let’s take a moment to dive into the world of steampunk through the aid of Hollywood motion capture.

Ghost in the shellcyberpunk 2077 movie ghost in the shell

A japanese cyberpunk manga that was brought to life by hollywood. The film starred the popular actress Scarlett Johannsen in a 2 hour movie that is set in a futuristic cyberpunk world. The story revolves around Mira, who is the world’s first cyber-human. It follows her journey as she sets out on a course to counter cyber-terrorism before it engulfs the world. A troubled past and a life-changing secret awaits her.

Blade Runner 2049cyberpunk 2077 movie blade runner 2049

A futuristic fantasy that featured Ryan Gosling as he takes on the role of a blade runner for the Los Angeles Police Department. He is tasked with executing rogue slaves who are bioengineered to serve humanity. After stumbling across an unexpected secret that leads him to a blade runner that has been missing for over 3 decades, he is put in a complicated position that may escalate a crumbling society into chaos.

Alita – Battle Angelcyberpunk 2077 movie alita battle angel

Alita is a battle cyborg that is revived by a doctor named Ido. Her existence is a mystery and her past holds a key to long-awaited retribution. Follow her journey as she rediscovers her hidden identity along with her part in the puzzle that shrouds her world.

Chappiecyberpunk 2077 movie chappie

Set in a distant futuristic world, the dystopian sci-fi features Chappie who is a police robot. The police robot is nabbed by a set of criminals that rewire itself, giving it the ability to think and feel individual. The story shows how the world’s first robot with artificial intelligence and human-like empathy functions in a world dominated by humans.

Total recall 2012cyberpunk 2077 movie total recall 2012

The 2012 remake of a 90s classic one again focuses on Douglas Quaid, who decides to take a vacation from his ordinary life. The protagonist visits Rekall, a company that turns dreams into real memories. After getting his dreams of a super spy implanted into his brain, his whole world turns upside down. Now a hunted man on the run, he joins hands with a fellow rebel fighter to take down the leader of the free world.

Fifth elementcyberpunk 2077 movie the fifth element

Set in the 23rd century, the world is in an apocalyptic war. With an evil cosmic force threatening the universe, the only hope left for humans is the mysterious fifth element. The fifth element comes to earth every 5000 years to save it from extinction, but in this instance it is destroyed by the evil mangalores. A cab driver who is a former elite commando stumbles upon Leelo who is the new fifth element. Together they must save humanity by retrieving the elemental stones.

The Zero theoremcyberpunk 2077 movie the zero theorem

A science fiction film where a computer genius namely Qohen Leth is on his way to developing a theory. The theory is meant to explain the purpose of life, or whether it has any. The dystopian future and the mindset of the movie gives it a haunting beauty that leaves you wanting more.

Ready Player Onecyberpunk 2077 movie ready player one

It is 2045 and the earth is on the brink of collapse. The only salvation humans have is an artificial world that is named OASIS. After its creator dies, he leaves behind an Easter egg hunt for a special secret that is a digital treasure of immeasurable proportions. Young Wade Watts tries his luck on securing the digital Easter egg in a world of simulated danger and adventure which feels all too real for him.

Dredd 2012cyberpunk 2077 movie dredd 2012

A science-fiction movie set in the distance dystopian future. The movie features Dredd who is a cold-blooded policeman. He and his rookie Cassandra who happens to be a psychic go in to investigate a murder case. After coming to an unexpected drug den, the murder investigation escalates to a blood bath that is terrifying yet entertaining to watch.

Demolition mancyberpunk 2077 movie demolition man

Phoenix, who is a convicted killer, is revived from a state of comatic freeze. The killer is given parole and released to a crime-free society. The now free man decides to go on a killing spree where he begins to crumble the new order of society with violent acts that are now foreign nature to humans.

Start binge watch and wait…

These are our collection of recommended movies to get you into the cyberpunk mindset, making you feel immersed in the dystopian eras they are set in. All of our suggested movies are the best-ranked choices one can go with when it comes to the world of steampunk-themed science fiction. We hope you enjoy them as you eagerly await the release of Cyberpunk 2077 later this year.