debunking myths about computer repair
Computer not working? What do you do? Professional help would be good. When your computer stops working, you will need immediate help to fix the computer. There are numerous places that offer their services, all you need to do is get someone to fix yours.

Reputed agencies can send in their professionals for computer repair in Wellington. The experts have the training and the knowledge to fix your computer and set it straight for you. They will help in every possible way to get your computer fixed.


1. Computers are Repairable with DIY Projects

If you can remember, there was a time when computers were something that only the experts could look after. When computer was down, without professionals you could not lift a finger. Nowadays, the machines and software has become much sleeker and manageable. Certain repairs are possible at home, but you should have some knowledge about computers. If you have no idea about what goes on in the working of the computer, then it is best to leave the work to the professionals. Looking into computers on your own, may results in greater disasters and that can affect the working of the computer, costing you more money than anticipated.

2. Flat Rate for All Kinds of Repair

A common myth that has stuck with computer repairing is the one, where it is said that all repairs cost the same. The labour charge might still remain the same, but if some parts need to be replaced, how could the charges stay same? On top of that, nature of repair also dictates the labour charges, at times.

3. Magnet was Used to Destroy all the Data

If you have travelled past the era of floppy disks, then you need to walk out of this myth. Hard drives, SD cards and other components of data storage, cannot be destroyed with the help of magnets in modern times. So, you need to stop saying that magnets were used to destroy your data during computer repairing.

4. Price and Quality of Parts is Directly Proportional

professional computer services
This might be true at times, but not always. The same myth is also synonymous with professional computer repairing. If you are employing a reliable and reputed agency for your computer repairs, then you have nothing to worry. Both the service and the price of the parts will be fair and not any higher than what it should be. They do not believe in putting high prices for their top notch service and computer parts.

5. Switching off the PC might Kill it

Turning off a PC is a requirement at times. When you turn off the PC, software updates and upgradations are installed. Without this, you could end up costing your computer some speed. The computer could slow down or fall behind on the latest updates, making it outdated after some time.


When your computer gives you trouble and you think of ways to fix it yourself, you are invariably putting the computer and your financials in danger. Why would you want to do that? The professionals who debunked the myths are always ready to help at affordable rates. They have the training and the expertise to know what is true and false, so they can offer the best solution to all your problems and queries.

Apart from the myths mentioned above, you might have other questions. The professionals will help solve those as well and they do not need a book or internet to find them. The experience that they have gathered over the years have made them knowledgeable enough to debunk may more myths and repair your computer efficiently.