examination of pregnant woman at hospital

When expecting a baby, there are many things that are on women’s minds. One of the biggest concerns for those who are pregnant for the first time is labour and how the whole process would be like. Australia is known for its world-class healthcare system. In Melbourne alone, there are more than 200 private and public hospitals that provide in-patient care. But still, women panic when they think of getting through labour pain. Today you can implement various techniques to deal with it. Ranging from pregnancy acupuncture in melbourne conducted by an expert in Chinese medicine to meditation, the options are many.

Below are some techniques and approaches that women can use to deal with the pain associated with a vaginal birth.

Spinal and Combined Spinal-Epidural

Epidurals are effective but take around 10 to 25 minutes to work. The spinal that goes in a slightly lower part in your back starts working within a few seconds. The spinal is one injection that stays effective for around 45 minutes. A woman who wants speedy relief from labour pain can choose these injections. Your doctor will select a spinal or spinal-epidural combination if you are very far in your labour and are yearning for quick relief.

Pregnancy Acupuncture

A lot of women want to go through labour without relying on drugs. You can turn to acupuncture to minimise your pain and improve its management. It reduces the rate of caesarean section and increases satisfaction with pain relief. When you are expecting, it’s a good idea to get in touch with experts in pregnancy acupuncture in melbourne. They will assist you in preparing your uterus for birth. The acupuncturist also teaches you and your partner the right way of using acupressure points while you are in labour.

Water Therapy

Warm water can significantly reduce labour pain. Water having a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit is usually recommended for pregnant women. This ideal temperature provides a soothing sensation and helps in better management of pain. Alternatively, you can also use a shower with pouring warm water. The hot water keeps women relaxed. It also massages the body. However, check with your doctor before plunging in hot water by yourself. Some doctors advise against getting in the water when you are in the early stages of labour.


It may sound insignificant, but relaxation is indeed the most important thing you can do to deal with labour pain. Relaxing your mind is vital when dealing with such pain. This is because when you start to fear pain, you become tense. It aggravates the pain, which has the effect of tensing you up more. Try to enjoy the pain-free time you get between contractions. During these times, stay in the moment rather than thinking about the pain you just experienced or what’s about to come.

Use Analgesics

For women who are too fearful of labour pain, an analgesic medication will be the ideal option. It minimises the pain to a great extent. However, you will still feel some of it. There are some kinds of analgesics that work on the entire body. Other types work to minimise pain in other smaller areas of the body, like your vulva, perineum, and vagina. Consult your doctor before you take these medications.

Today, you can avail of much advice and support regarding nutrition, child health, pregnancy, and labour pain from the government authorities in Melbourne. You can also research the options mentioned above to see which one will suit you.