In 2016, Sony launched two latest versions of PS4. Most of the people consider them the same consoles with slight differences. However, if you have a closer look you will get the idea that PS4 is different from the PS4 Pro in many ways.

Many game lovers are confused that whether they should upgrade from their previous consoles or not. They need to understand that PS4 and PS4 pro has many features that are completely different. So for your proper guidance here we have the comparison between both versions that will help you to get the best idea.


ps4 slim
The first thing that you will notice in the PS4 is that it has a sleek and slim design as compared to the other consoles. This is the reason that it has been specially given the name of PS4 slim. It has been equipped with the ultra HD Blu-ray players that will display the graphics perfectly when you with use the 1080p HD TV for gaming.

The PS4 has been developed with a boost mode that will allow you to play all those games that are only available for the PS4 pro. However, you have to keep in mind that you will not be able to enjoy the same graphics.


Some of the amazing features that you will come across on the PS4 are:

  • The CPU of PS4 is 8 core processor AMD jaguar
  • GPU of the system is 1.84 TFLOPs AMD Radeon
  • It has a system memory of 8 GB with the GDDR5
  • The internal storage of PS4 is 500 GB
  • There is no optical port out
  • The AV output of the PS4 is HDMI
  • 165w is the maximum power consumption of the PS4
  • Weight of the PS4 is 2.1 KG
  • It has been equipped with the BD-DVD drive
  • The HDR output support has been properly developed
  • It can work with the 2x USB 3.1
  • The PS4 is available for $299.99


The PS4 will provide you with the following benefits:

  • The games for the PlayStation are amazing
  • It will provide you with a good value
  • The power efficiency of the PS4 has been improved
  • It has the dual shock 4 that is the best
  • Affordable as compared to the other consoles


A few drawbacks of the product are:

  • The optical audio has been removed from the PS4
  • It has not been developed with the 4k Blu-ray player
  • The flexibility of the console has been reduced


If you want to enjoy the best games with the HD resolution at an affordable rate the PS4 will be perfect for you. It is small, slimmer and perfect for the AAA games. With a few exceptions, it is better than the other consoles that you will find in the market.

PS4 Pro

ps4 pro
The PS4 Pro is the next-gen console that has been developed by Sony but you should never confuse it with the PS5. The reason is that many gamers though that it is only the half up gradation. The major different of the PS4 pro from the PS4 is that of the resolution. It has been equipped with the 4K resolution technology that will provide you with the clear and detailed graphics.

However, the PS4 Pro is a little heavy and larger in dimensions but that will not bother you because of the special edition of the games that has only been developed for this model. With the supersampling techniques, it will provide you with the best VR performance.


The PS4 Pro has been developed with the following amazing specifications:

  • It has an 8 core processor AMD jaguar x86 to 64 high-quality CPU
  • PS4 pro has been equipped with the 4.2TFLOPs AMD Radeon GPU
  • The memory of the system is GDDR5, 8 GB
  • It has been developed with the optical port out
  • The internal storage of the PS4 pro is 1 TB
  • The AV output of the device is HDMI/Optical
  • The maximum power consumption of PS4 Pro is 310w
  • The weight of the product is 3.3 KG
  • It has been equipped with the BD-DVD drive
  • The best feature of PS4 pro is the 4K streaming
  • It works with the 3x USB 3.1
  • PS4 pro is available at $399.99


Some of the amazing benefits that you will come across in the PS4 pro are:

  • It has the best graphical performance
  • You will get the free upgrade for the games that you already have
  • The PS VR is smoother than ever
  • It has been equipped with the pro mode for the latest games
  • The first console with the 4K HDR


Some minor drawbacks of the console are:

  • The support of pro mode is not universal
  • Blu-ray player has been removed


If you are new to the world of PlayStation then the PS4 pro is perfect for you. It is one of the most powerful consoles with the latest features.

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Final verdict

Once you are aware of the comparison, it is important that you make the right decision. Keep in mind that if you have a PS4 and the 1080p HD TV then there is no need to spend on pro version. The reason is that it would be only waste of your money until your decide to buy the 4K television.

ps4 vs ps4 pro

On the other hand, if you already have the 4K TV then buying the PS4 pro is obligatory to have the best experience. In case that you have to buy the playstation for the first time because you have none, then investing in the PS4 pro would be better option. So keeping your odds in mind invest in the playstation that will meet your requirements in the best possible way. It is the time that you rock every game with the perfect combination of your playstation and HD TV.