Living in the information age, we are currently at a point where our lives revolve around our devices, the idea of our information being corrupted or stolen is a daunting thought but with the high levels of sometimes sensitive information we share day to day between different devices, the threat of Trojans and viruses is ever increasing. It is no wonder that the market for cybersecurity is growing very fast, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon, with the best of the best offering protection at relatively affordable prices.

free antivirus for windows
The challenge comes in when a student or someone not permanently employed desires to protect their Windows PC from potential threats. Is there free antivirus software available, which offers the same protection as, or at least close to, the paid versions?  The answer is a resounding yes!  There are quite a few options to pick from when you’re looking for a free antivirus for Windows.

When looking for an antivirus, one should consider whether it has dealt with zero-day attacks, which are viruses taking advantage of security holes before they are discovered and patched, web and email threats and widespread malware. These features outline the basic features of an antivirus.  Bitdefender not only ticks those boxes but also updates the applications automatically without interfering with the everyday functions of the PC. 

It has proven malware protection and phishing protection (which is a cyber-crime in which criminals pose as trustworthy institutions to defraud unsuspecting victims by obtaining sensitive information and using it to steal from them remotely).  It also offers basic password protection, secure web-browsing, unwanted browser add-ons, network threats, and PC performance issues.  To top that all off, it does all of the above effortlessly, along with installation and an undemanding interface.  This product range caters for the student and pensioner alike, as well as anyone else trying to save an extra penny.

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Bitdefender offers the best antivirus without a shadow of doubt, and it serves its customers who pay for their premium packages, as well as the customers who use their free antivirus version. This shows that they have the business acumen to think about not only the immediate bottom line but also the retention and longevity of their products by developing trust between them and their customers.  Nothing says “trust me” more than offering an efficient, reliable service for free!  Furthermore, pitted against other premium antiviruses, Bitdefender holds its own due to its broad range of unique offers and benefits.