geeky technical must haves for your car
Nowadays, there’s so much tech inside our cars hence you will hardly get bored while on a road trip. Auto engineers working together with software designers have developed a whole range of amazing gadgets and gizmos to make the driving experience memorable and fun. These tech gadgets are designed to perform a plethora of essential roles like improving your navigation skills while on the road. The cool gadgets mentioned here are designed to drastically improve your safety while on the worst cities in CA for driving, like San Francisco. Below are the most talked about car gadgets at California Drivers Ed forums; install for an unbelievable cruising experience.

Fobo Tire Plus

This is an impressive app that lets you monitor and check the pressure status of your tires on your mobile. With this device, you don’t need to constantly watch whether you need to pass by the gas station to top up your tire pressure. The easily installed and remarkably user-friendly Fobo Tire Plus System is developed using state of the art Bluetooth technology that takes tire measurements and then sends that critical info and data straight to your smartphone. If your tire pressures hit critical levels, an instant message gets delivered straight to your device so that you can take the necessary action.


tile mate car gadget
If you’ve ever lost or misplaced your car keys, then you’ll know all too well about the frustrations associated with it. Some people are just forgetful, and there’s very little they can do to change that habit. For such people, there’s the amazing Bluetooth tracker called Tile Mate. The Tile Mate is comprised of Bluetooth technology which makes it possible for you to keep proper tabs on the whereabouts of your keys. Get this affordable device and never again have to worry about locking your car keys inside the car or misplacing them.

Scosche Charger

This is an intuitive device that allows you to connect and then charge your phones and other electronic devices while on the road. This charger is cherished for its impressive ability to hold a lot of power. Its cost-friendliness is also a winning factor with this here gadget. It has a slight shortcoming, however, since it can only charge a maximum of two devices at a go.

Garmin Dash Cam

More and more auto owners prefer to have dash cams installed in their vehicles today. These cams play a critical role in helping to show whose fault it is if involved in accidents or incidents on the road. The Garmin dash cam is a top-selling car device that displays crystal-clear images and videos of 1080 pixels. The excellent device enhances your safety in the worst cities in CA for driving. It also allows you to take and record amazing footage depicting your drive from point A to B.

Escort Max

escort max car gadget
This device is built for people who can’t avoid over speeding, especially when cruising through deserted roads. Speeding is not good as it often leads to accidents and incidents on the road. One of the most adverse causes of over speeding is that you are likely to get caught by the speed cams and have to pay hefty fines. Using the Escort Max device, however, saves you from getting in trouble with the pesky traffic police. Turn on the device, and it will alert you if you are over speeding in a road section fitted with speed radars. The device comes with powerful dual antennas to help you reach out to other racers on the road. This networking tool comes highly recommended for California drivers ed seekers.