screen recording technologyAlthough screen recording (or screencasting, as it is also known) is not new, it average users have rarely used it in the past due to the fact that it required specialized software. That has changed somewhat as the new MacOS Mojave as included a screen capture tool, and Windows 10 has one as well.

Now that screen recording is more readily available, users are starting to realize the number of options it opens up. In fact it may be helpful for you to get a sense of them as well, so you understand what it can do.

Creating Video Content

The main way in which screen recording has been used up to this point is as a tool to create video content. Its ability to record footage of digital products from the screens of computers and other devices make it perfect for any video that involves software, video games, or other digital products such as eBooks, online platforms, and so on.

Because of this focus, many screen recorders often included additional features to make it easier to create video content. That includes tools to make keyboard and mouse actions more visible, capture multiple audio sources to record a voiceover, or in some cases editing features as well.

Saving Content from a Screen

The other less appreciated use of screen recording is its unparalleled ability to save any content directly from the screen of a computer or other device. In this way it can perform the same type of function that people often use screenshots for, but in a manner that is much more effectively able to capture visuals.

Essentially screen recording opens up a world of content that you can save and watch at your leisure. Already it is starting to be used more and more frequently to save online streaming videos, video calls, live videos, and ephemeral content. It can also be used to record streaming audio, of course.

Suffice to say with screen recording you will be able to save a copy of anything at all that is being displayed on your screen. The limitless options that are available to you in that regard are what makes it so powerful.

Native vs. Software

It should be noted that although some platforms offer native built-in screen recorders, up to now they tend to be very basic by comparison to the more honed and specialized third-party software. Typically that will mean that your access to recording parameters and other features may be more limited.

However screen recording software is hardly difficult to find, and will provide you with numerous advantages that may come in handy if you’re using it frequently. For an example you could try Movavi Screen Recorder.

All said and done however it is up to you to decide where your preference lies. Now that you’re fully aware of how screen recording opens up numerous options, you should definitely make it a point to try it out and see how it works firsthand.