how to be tech savvy during lockdown
No one can predict how serious lockdown will be. After many countries announced partial to total lockdowns and extending lockdown periods, one has to learn how to make the best out of this time. Technology has seen a growing trend for the last decades and right now, its importance has reached its peak.

Today, this article will discuss how important being tech-savvy is at an unprecedented time like this. And also how to get the best out of technology to aid and facilitate one’s work and lifestyle. Not knowing how to use technology or even refusing to adapt to change will make surviving a challenge.

Before getting into the points and ways through which a person can become well-informed about technology during a lockdown, let’s take a brief look into how it will help a person at such times.

Being money savvy during lockdown

As everyone may know by now, a lockdown means restricted access to certain facilities and a state of isolating oneself from other people for security and safety reasons. During lockdowns, the concerned authorities ask the people and citizens to avoid going out as much as possible. Everyone will need to practice social distancing for the good of everyone.

As a result, educational institutions, business houses, offices, and other non-essential organizations stop their operations. Workers will need to work at home. Students will have to stop going to school or college. Businesses and organizations which do not deal with essential commodities and services will have to stop working.

Now, the question arises. How can people try to continue with their daily routine without physically being at their workplace or educational institution? This point in time is where technology swoops in and opens the door to opportunity and potential. Students can attend online classes using video call platforms. They can share their notes and work by sharing a common Google Drive account or other similar apps.

On the other hand, office workers can continue working from home using their computers or tablets- even their phones. If there is any need to talk to their co-workers or employers and bosses, they can video call them. Attending meetings using video call platforms is also possible.

All of these require a technological device to work. As such, during lockdowns, it is important, if not extremely necessary, to continue with daily life and routine. A lockdown does not mean everything will come to a standstill. It only means people will have to work with what they have and what they have is technology.

How a person can become tech-savvy

Now on to the main topic. Almost everything will depend on technology during a lockdown. Therefore, it is best to have an idea about how one can stay tech-savvy and survive this period. Here are some tips on how to be tech-savvy during a lockdown:

Purchasing refurbished devices

second hand mobile devices
As mentioned earlier, working at home will become a necessity during a lockdown. No one will be allowed to go out or attend a meeting and work unless they work at an organization dealing with essential items and services. In such a case, what a person needs is the right technological devices at home to work on.

Everyone knows how buying computers and tablets can burn a hole in anyone’s pockets. Especially during sudden lockdowns, a person may need to use their savings to purchase these very much needed devices. Since there is no way around this issue, the best option is to buy refurbished products. For example a brand new Google pixel 3 XL can set you back around $600-$700 AUD in Australia as compared to an ex demo you can buy here for $450 AUD in 2020 from highly rated seller like Phonebot

Third party sellers like Phonebot deal mostly in new ex demo and refurbished technological devices. They also make sure that their packages are disinfected and sanitized before reaching the hands of the buyer or customer.

Using technology as a source of entertainment

Many people go out and enjoy time outside. Still, during a lockdown, they will not be able to engage in such activities. Keeping oneself, especially children, occupied will need devices like phones and iPads or tablets. Since going to the park is no longer an option for children, parents can purchase refurbished devices and use it as a source of entertainment for the kids or for watching Youtube themselves

If properly administered, parents and elders can teach children or combine both entertainment and education together. There are certain games in the Appstore or play store and educational shows on YouTube that can help a child grow even during a lockdown.

Making the best use of online shopping

Online shopping is one of the safest ways to get what a person needs without risking their lives and other people’s lives too. If someone decides to physically go to a shop or marketplace to buy a product, they will expose themselves to bacteria and dangerous viruses. Therefore, a person should avoid physically buying or selling things.

Shopping online is impossible without using technology. It is a platform on the internet that we can access only through the use of compatible technological devices. A person can buy all that they need or want from online shopping sites, with tons of promotions or deals like an eBay promo code on sites like Raise that they can use to get the best deals without even stepping into an actual store. After all, a person’s needs do not disappear during a lockdown.

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Turn knowledge into action

A lockdown should not stop a person from learning new skills and abilities. Anyone can join free online classes in any area they are interested in. There are specific skills like coding and other technology-related capabilities that do not require a person to go out of their homes. And in a world where technology is not fading, there is no harm to learn such skills.


Now readers know why being tech-savvy is essential and how they can exploit their knowledge about technology to thrive during a lockdown. All there is left to do now is follow these steps and tips as far as possible. Lockdowns cannot keep us from reaching our full potential and daily routine. Everyone has the choice to either take control of the situation and rise to the occasion or remain unproductive.

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