how to clean up social media image
About to click the share button on a controversial post? Think twice before you do it. What you leave behind as your social media footprint is what the world will use to judge you by. Whether it is a post you create today or a post you shared back in 2009, you cannot afford to litter your social media pages with negative comments and posts. Social media pages are highly influential. It’s completely legal for companies to check the contents of someone’s social media pages before deciding to hire them. Here’re some easy steps to clean up your social media pages.

Find All Your Profiles

Instagram, Facebook, Myspace, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn are only a few of the social media websites where you might have profiles. If you remember all the social media pages, then you should visit all the pages that you have on all of the websites. If you do not remember all the websites where you might have profiles, you can search for them using Veromi. On Veromi you can enter your name and get a full report of your social media footprint. Finding all your social media profiles is the first step to cleaning your social media image.

Delete Duplicate Profiles

You might have forgotten your old passwords and have started a new profile. The old profile that you have outgrown or left behind might come back to haunt you. Those who will stumble upon your old profiles might not be aware of the fact that it is your old discarded profile. Veromi can direct you towards your old profiles. You can then proceed to recover the profile or delete the profile. Searching for your profile might lead you to duplicate profiles that someone else might have created. You can report those profiles and get them removed.

Go Through All Your Posts

Once you find all your profiles, you need to log into them. Scroll down and comb through all the posts on all of your profiles. You might have to devote some time travel to find any offensive post that you have to remove from your profile. Leave no negative posts behind.


untag me
You might not have posted something negative or controversial. However, your friends might have tagged you in controversial posts. You can ask the tagger to remove the tag, or you can report the post and get the tag removed. Similarly, if someone has posted something negative about you, you can ask them to remove the post, or you can report it for removal.

Delete When in Doubt

When you go through your old posts, you need to keep deleting posts that might be negative. Even if you do not feel that the post is negative, any controversial post on your profile should not be there. Your tone or intention may not be perceived correctly through the posts. Delete or hide any post that can damage your social media image.

Keep it Clean

Once you have cleaned up your profile, you need to curate it constantly. Your now clean profile can be maintained by posting positive posts and recent pictures of yourself.

A few simple steps can help you keep your social media profiles clean for the world to see.