how to hire an it consulting company

In the world we live in today, information technology has become indispensable. Businesses nowadays must utilize IT strategies if they want to grow the business and remain successful.

Although not everyone can be IT-savvy and not every business has the capacity to have an IT department; hence, many businesses rely on an IT consulting company to help them with all their information technology needs.

In most cases, an IT consultant is brought in to handle a particular project you have at hand that is very critical and that might not be effectively handled by in-house staff. Hiring such a professional is also time and cost-efficient compared to having an IT professional who is employed full-time.

The reasons you might need a consulting company to help you vary but include new equipment, software, or technology training, internal procedure review, or SEO services. Whatever the case might be, it is important that you hire the right IT consulting company that will fit the needs of your business.

Hence, in this article, to enable you to hire right, we will share with you important factors you need to consider before you put pen to paper and bring in a consultant into your business.

Let’s begin…

1.  IT Consulting Best Practices

Every industry has what is known as Best Practices that serves as the benchmark of excellence. This is also the case as far as the IT consulting industry is concerned. Hence, every consultant should be able to keep to these practices.

Therefore, when hiring an information technology consulting firm, ask them what their practices are. To give you an idea of what to expect, below are some information technology consulting best practices:

  1. Project’s life cycle and landmarks definition.
  2. Project’s scope and requirements documentation.

iii. Statement of defined roles, systems, and organizations.

  1. Provision of quality assurance.
  2. Establishing commitments upon adequate strategic planning.
  3. Project tracking maintenance and analysis of variance.

vii. Taking precise corrective measures.

viii. Issue management and effective escalation enactment.

  1. Formal system project authorization creation.

All these practices are expected to be integrated into the consultant’s methodology as they carry out your project.

2. Relevant Experience

The fact that the firm has been in business for more than 15 years shouldn’t be your only focus as you seek an experienced company. Instead, you should look for a company that has experience when it comes to the kind of project you have at hand. Visit to find out if an experienced hire is a better hire.

In other words, the consulting firm must have carried out similar projects in the past. This is a guarantee that they will be able to replicate the same success they had in their previous jobs.

Therefore, if you have two prospective consultants you have in mind and one has been in business for 15 years but has done just 10 projects that are similar to yours, while the other has been in operation for just 5 years but has performed over 50 projects that are similar to yours, which firm has the upper hand as far as relevant experience is concerned?

Of course, you go for the one that has carried out 50 projects similar to yours because they have the relevant experience even though they have not been in business for a long time as the other firm.

how to hire an it consulting company

3. Success Rates

Now, the fact that the company has carried out 50 jobs that look like yours doesn’t mean you should hire them right away. You need to find out what the success rates of those projects are.

Were they able to satisfy their customer in every instance? Did they meet up with the deadline? Did they work within the budget? These are the questions among others that you need to ask to determine how successful they are. Click here to learn how to ask questions during an interview.

4. Support and Training

A good IT consulting company will be able to offer support and training as part of their services. This is important because you might end up needing further support after the project has been completed.

Hence, if the company does not offer this service, you will have to go through the process of hiring another consultant. As such, you will end up spending more money and waste time going through the process.

Apart from that, the fact that another company is providing the support could lead to certain issues. For instance, since they were not responsible for the initial project, their methodology and operation might be different. Hence, addressing the issue that comes up might take more time than required.

Training is another service that the firm you want to hire must offer. By training, we mean training of the staff in your company. This is especially necessary if you are installing new equipment, software, or technology.  Since they are new to the staff; they will need to be trained on how to use such tools.

If your potential consultant offers training, you need to ask them how extensive the training is. You don’t want an hour session that will not be able to deliver the necessary information to your staff. Rather, you need an employee training session that will enable them to gain a full understanding of the tools they have been provided with.

5. Variety and Complexity of Clients

The ability of an IT consulting company is to an extent determined by the kind of clients under their repertoire. With a wide range of clients, you can be certain that the company is one that has built up its credibility over the years.

Hence, ask them for the client list or some names of businesses they have worked for. Find out what kind of complex tasks have they handled. Ask if they have clients outside their immediate locality.

When you do this, you will gain an idea of how effective, credible, and successful the IT consulting company is.


The process of hiring an IT consulting company can be quite challenging. However, we believe that with the tips we shared above, you will be able to hire a consultant that meets your needs.