how to hire corporate audio visual and av solutions company
Are you interested in investing in some corporate audiovisual solutions? AV technologies have made a real boom in the corporate world, helping businesses establish better collaboration between teams and clients. Given the current trend of working from home offices, audiovisual solutions have gained tremendous popularity.

An increasing number of corporations opt for video conferencing, wireless presentation systems, room scheduling, sound masking, and a multitude of other AV alternatives. These technologies are designed to eliminate the waste of time and improve the productiveness of on-site meetings, as well as enable virtual meetings and conferences with a click of a button.

The following tips will help you hire the best audiovisual company for your corporate needs.

Be specific about your requirements

Prior to scheduling first meetings with the audiovisual companies you consider prospective, make sure you establish your goals and needs. The more specific you are about your AV requirements, the more accurate quotes you will receive. As a result, the likelihood of budget alterations will be substantially lower.

For instance, most international businesses incorporate video conferencing in daily communication between coworkers and clients. This technology enables individuals to host virtual conferences, make presentations, and hold meetings with coworkers from anywhere across the globe. Nowadays, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing has become an essential tool for businesses, which have entirely replaced real-life meetings and conferences with virtual ones. Read more about the different ways one can video conference.

Moreover, the effectiveness of on-site meetings can be improved with the help of meeting room AV. Businesses that use such technology have access to smart boards, which employees use to present their ideas more clearly. Also, participants are equipped with displays in order to stay on top of the crucial information shared in the meeting.

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Additionally, businesses that frequently use presentations can benefit from wireless presentation systems, which enable individuals to display their presentations by clicking a few buttons. These systems are incredibly convenient for presenters who will no longer have to plug in a myriad of cables in order for their content to be displayed. Consequently, presenters will become more confident instead of worrying the projector will refuse to display their information.

Business owners are advised to make a list of their AV needs before getting in touch with audiovisual companies for getting estimates. Keep in mind that the latest AV technologies are much costlier to use than the standard audiovisual services.

Therefore, make sure you inform the candidates about your budget in order to check out whether it’s sufficient to cover the cost for the services you require. AV professionals might even suggest the use of different audiovisual technologies that match both your objectives and business budget, instead of those you initially had in mind.

Research AV companies

Once you establish your AV requirements, make sure you conduct background research on the audiovisual companies on your shortlist. You are encouraged to request references from the candidates in the course of the first meetings, which they should be more than willing to provide. Each AV company is required to provide references from former clients to potential customers in order for them to inspect their reputation. Once you get a reference list from every candidate, make sure you contact at least several of their past clients to get a better idea about the professionalism of the company.

Another effective method of checking the expertise of audiovisual companies is asking for case studies. It’s paramount for the case studies you ask for to be relevant to your project requirements; otherwise, you won’t learn the way in which the company will handle your project. Keep in mind that being provided with a case study for hosting a large conference won’t be beneficial proof for a potential client interested in video conferencing.

Furthermore, online reviews also speak volumes about the reputation of audiovisual companies. Therefore, make sure you look for such reviews on credible sites, not on the business websites of AV providers. Being unable to find any kind of reviews, neither positive nor negative, is a red flag that isn’t supposed to be ignored.

Compare quotes

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The ultimate step before hiring an audiovisual company is receiving quotes from a minimum of three providers and comparing them. Nowadays, most audiovisual design and integration companies, such as, provide potential clients with detailed quotes. However, it’s important for AV professionals to explain the details included in the estimate in layman’s terms in order for clients to understand the exact benefits of their services.

In addition, you aren’t supposed to be embarrassed to make inquires while the professionals walk you through the quote. The job of these experts is to explain every single detail that clients might find confusing without making you feel uncomfortable when asking questions. Some AV providers use CAD (computer-assisted design) to help you visualize the project, which leaves no room for guessing.

When comparing estimates, you are advised to compare quotes from audiovisual companies that offer the same type of equipment. Comparing costs between a provider that uses low-quality equipment and one that has invested in high-end equipment is useless. The best comparison is made between audiovisual providers that use equipment of the same quality.

Final word

AV solutions are vital for boosting the productiveness of corporate meetings and conferences.

It’s an investment every corporation should not hesitate to make!