Cell Phone BatteriesThe lifespan of your cell phone battery depends on how you use your cell phone on day to day basis. If you do not take proper care, the cell phone battery may get discharged and you may have to buy a new cell phone battery. Improper handling and negligence like overcharging can also be hazardous.

Here are some tips to improve the life expectancy of your cell phone battery. Most of these tips are very simple and straightforward. However, by following them consistently you can ensure that you won’t have to get your cell phone battery replaced for a long time to come.

Keep your cell phone clean: With regular usage, your cell phone will accumulate dust. These dust particles can get deposited on the contacts of the batteries and can reduce their lifespan. To keep your phone dust-free, wipe the phone regularly with a dry cloth. Remove the cell phone battery and gently wipe its contacts to remove any lodged dust particles.

Wiping your cellphone with a rough cloth can cause scratches. Check that the cloth you use is soft enough not to scratch the phone’s body. Also, ensure that the cloth you’re using is clean enough as dust particles lodged in the fibers of the cloth may be abrasive and can cause scratches. Never use any organic solvents to clean your phone. These solvents can dissolve paint and also can erase the characters on the phone’s keypad.

Keep your cell phone dry: Moisture can cause the terminals of the battery to short and get discharged. For this reason, it is very important to protect your mobile phone from moisture. One of the best ways to do so is to use a plastic cell phone cover. Using a cell phone cover will not only improve the life of your phone but will also prevent scratches to the phone surface.

In case your phone gets wet, take it to a cell phone repair shop and get it repaired. Do not charge the wet phone as it can damage the internal circuitry.

Recharge for the optimum period: Most cellphones in the market have an automatic recharge timer. Once your cell phone battery gets completely charged, the charging gets turned off automatically. However, some cellphones do not have this function. If your phone doesn’t have an automatic turn-off, proper care should be taken while charging. Excessive charging can damage the battery and reduce the lifespan significantly. In extreme cases, the battery may even explode and cause physical injury. For this reason, never charge your phone for longer periods than what is specified.

For safety, it is recommended that you check your phone’s battery once in a while. Remove the battery from the phone and observe for discoloration or discharge. If you find any leakage or swelling and deformation, consult a repairman and have it replaced immediately. Negligence can damage other parts of the phone and can be dangerous.