how to save environment with household decisions
When reading news articles daily about climate change, plastics in the ocean and biodiversity loss it’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel there is nothing we can do and that we’re fighting a lost cause. This is not true though as everyone has a part to play in sorting this crisis and pulling through, here are five achievable ways we can help the environment with simple household choices.

Keep A Close Eye On Where Your Food Comes From

Food is one of the biggest problem aspects of modern living in terms of damage to the environment accounting for 17% of global carbon emissions worldwide yet it is something we cannot get around, we all have to eat! We can keep an eye on where our food is produced and if we are careful to check how far our food has travelled and try to eliminate or cut down on air miles and eat more local and seasonal produce then we can go a long way towards helping reduce this.

Cut Down On Car Use Or Go Electric

cut down on car usage
Car use is something that most of us are guilty of using when we strictly don’t need to and research shows that car trips of one mile or less account for about 10 billion miles per year! It’s not inconceivable that the vast majority of us can manage to walk for a mile and if it makes this much of a difference then it’s clearly worth doing. Some of us may still struggle and should look to replace the car with an electric model if at all possible.

Look At Your Household Bills

Where does your energy come from? There are many suppliers who produce only renewable and environmentally friendly electricity and if you research this and switch energy supplier then it can be pretty simple to make a real difference without changing your lifestyle one bit in this way.

Check Your Electrics & Appliances

eco friendly home appliances
These days how much energy that is used by our electrical appliances is something that has been receiving a lot of attention. You will no doubt have noticed that manufacturers of items such as white goods are keen to stress low energy consumption as a key selling feature. Most modern washing machines have low energy cycle options allowing you to save both the environment and some money at the same time. There are even items such as this eco friendly mobile smart-phone which is a great way to be conscious of your green credentials on an item that is usually considered pretty harmful to the environment.

Buy Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

It’s a known fact that many cleaning products are not the most environmentally friendly items in your shopping basket and yes, we’ve come a long way in recent decades and you won’t find really harmful things like CFC aerosols anymore but we can still go one step further and find eco-friendly cleaning products.