how to use graphic design for brand identity
We know that brand identity is a vital component of any successful business. Take a moment to think through some iconic companies: Coca Cola. Apple. Disney. Gucci, M&M’s… The list goes on. Although these brands are completely unrelated in many ways, they all have something in common, which is that they have a cohesive brand identity.

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When you consider each business, it’s easy to designate specific personality traits to them as if they were real people. Some are sophisticated and refined. Some are childlike. Some are time-honored classics. Some are modern and some are vintage. Regardless, they immediately evoke a distinct feeling and have their own brand language to match.

But how do they accomplish this? It comes down to their visual brand story, which is accomplished through masterful graphic design (usually through a graphic design company). Here are two things to consider if you want to do the same:

Consider your history

Thinking back to the early days of your business may be a great exercise to identify images that have always been integral to your brand. Disney, for example, uses the iconic Mickey logo in their marketing materials and it has become synonymous with the brand. The mouse silhouette is of course a nod to arguably their most well-known character and their official mascot: Mickey Mouse. He appeared in the first short the company ever created, and his design conveys the air of whimsy and magic that the brand is so known for.

When designing, it can then be helpful to infuse some of your history into your graphic design instead of going for a run of the mill theme, which may look nice but lack significance.

Think about your audience

target audience for brand identity creation
When someone says your business name, what do you want them to think about? If you try and step into the shoes of your target audience, you can begin by imagining the goal feeling. Maybe you’re a family-run business who wants to come off as humble and no-nonsense. If you work forward from that goal you may realize that utilizing warm, earth-toned colors is a great way of communicating your identity as a stable pillar in the community. If you want to communicate a well-established standing in your industry, using a vintage-looking font or layout might show the public that you’ve been around for a long time and you’re not going anywhere.

Conversely, using a cutting edge design technique might be appropriate for a company that wants to attract customers that are looking to align themselves with an innovative brand. Putting a specific focus on website design in this case, with the help of a website design company, may make the most sense. The kind of customer a tech-savvy company would want to reach would likely first come into contact with them through an internet search.

When creating a logo you need to think about what your customers will think about when they see your brand, a supermarket may want to appeal “fresh” a contractor, such as DT Groundworks ( needs to look professional and trustworthy. It is all about creating the correct look and impression.

Whatever you do, it’s important to think about who you are trying to reach with your products and services and how your brand identity factors into that.

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