With the advent of the internet and technology, online businesses of all sorts have sprung up. Freelancers are running several start-ups with surprisingly great results. Many people are quitting their jobs to be their own bosses in the online sector. However, this might seem a bit scary for you especially if you have a stable well-paying job. But if you have been thinking about starting your own online venture, you need to get out of your comfort zone and take the plunge. The rewards could be tremendous, provided you have the right idea, will, and passion. Therefore, here are three great online business ideas to start you off.

1. Drop Shipping

starting online businesses ideas
This is practically the simplest way of starting your online entrepreneurial career. This is because you don’t need to stock any goods or own inventory. In drop shipping, you purchase the required product from a third party upon request and ship it directly to the customer. The third party could be a wholesaler or manufacturer. You won’t need lots of capital to start the business since you don’t create the products. Moreover, you will cut costs of managing a warehouse and the regular handling of inbound cargo, which is the norm in other businesses. Also, there is no limit to what you can sell since you only order as per the customers’ requests. There are tons of other benefits which you can research online if you consider this great idea.

2. Vehicle Middleman

You probably know that vehicles are the second-largest financial commitment people make in their lifetime. Car buyers often seek professional advice on how to go about the whole process to help them make informed choices. You can establish your niche in that gap, connecting potential car buyers to the best car brands or dealerships. You can also expand to run your own dealership for used cars as a start.

vehicle middleman
This might seem a risky business since you will need to schedule test drives, store cars as they await their owners, and even organize shipping. Damages could occur to the vehicles in the process. However, as long as you have the right traders policy, you will be able to cater for any damages sustained throughout the selling process. A vehicle middleman business can be extremely rewarding in the long run.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s goods and services and earning a commission for every sale accruing from your marketing services. It involves three stakeholders – the merchant who has the products, the affiliate marketer (your company), and the consumer. The advantages of this are that you won’t have to worry about creating a new product, stocking, shipping, or high start-up costs. However, it has several pitfalls such as lack of traffic, failure to get paid for your referral, and bad referrals that ruin your credibility. It still is a good prospect since businesses are starting up by the hour and they need a market for their products. Your affiliate marketing company could be their lifeline.

affiliate marketing
These are great places to start from especially if you don’t have a lump sum capital to start a brick and mortar business. They all have their pitfalls just like other business but with the right commitment, you will achieve your goals.