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Did you know that WordPress is one of the world’s biggest and most developed blogging sites? If you are already a site owner using the WP platform, then you probably did. If not, now you know!

With hundreds of millions of sites now live and running the WordPress platform, it’s quickly become the most popular and trusted CMS in the world today. It’s also being used to power websites for some of the most well-known and respected brands in the world today.

Interesting WordPress Stats

More than 70 million new content pieces are accounted for by WordPress alone every month. It amounts to 840 million messages worldwide. To go the other direction, it’s about 27 new posts per second.

WordPress is the free content management solution that makes the creation of website and content so easy. And not unexpectedly, the same thing can be said about WordPress, along with blogging producing billions of dollars each year. It appears to offer many themes and plugins as well as services, solutions, and partners from third parties.

WordPress, Social Media and Content Creation

With so much happening in this world, it is important to look at a number of blogging statistics and see where the market is now. This is especially true in the world of social media and content creation as well. As shown in this influencer marketing report, more influencers and social media users are moving towards a WordPress platform when looking to start a site and brand outside of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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With this in mind, here are some impressive and fascinating facts about WordPress blogging in 2020, that also give you an idea on where we might be headed in the coming years.

WordPress hosts over 73 million new posts every month

WordPress is one of the world’s biggest and developed blogging platforms.

WordPress alone accounts for over 70 million new pieces of material per month from all authors on its own host WordPress pages and all on So take the other approach, there are approximately 27 new posts each second.

Users Make 77 Million New Comments Each Month

Every day, 97,222 posts every hour and 1,620 posts every single minute! Since the typical article is about 300 words, we ‘re talking about half a million words posted on WordPress per minute.

The WordPress platform is always improving

After its launch on May 27, 2003, there have been 401 patches or brand new update launches of the WordPress core except for a few days ago. The team which worries about new features, security fixes, and more behind WordPress is an understatement.

People search for ‘’ a lot! is ranking 716th in global internet access, according to Alexa. This also has a relatively long increased response time of 3 minutes online. It is also very interesting to see as is just a website resource. Some incredible facts include a 50,9% bounce rate and the fact that 927,013 pages connect to

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In addition to searching for “WordPress”, users are also searching for plugins, themes, customization settings and tutorials. Some of the most popular plugins for WordPress are optimization plugins that help with speed and performance.

80% of internet users regularly read blog posts

This is not only from a small select group that over 20 billion items and blog posts are read online every month.

In reality, 80% of all web users read blogs regularly.

It may be because WordPress has some of the most popular pages in the world today, and perhaps because the search results from rate so well for WordPress posts.

WordPress is, by far, the most used comes

According to W3techs statistics, WordPress has a market share of 61.8%. The second most common CMS is Joomla, which is well behind with 4.7 percent.

WordPress is more visited than twitter

For 163 million unique visitors per month, WordPress experiences “only” about 156 million unique visitors each month more visited than Twitter.

The Average WordPress Developer Earns $51,000 statistical information reveals that the professional WordPress web developer makes more than $50,000.

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There Are Currently 54,000+ Free Plugins

It has grown to now upwards of 54,000 plugins and a maximum download of 1.5 billion. This seems to be subject to debate that WordPress does not take more aggressive steps to reduce the number of unnecessary or redundant plugins in the database. However, you should be sure to know that if you have a problem or if you need a solution, “there is a plugin for it.”

Has Themes, themes, themes

The most famous themes on the market are the Premium Avada theme (over 550,000 sales), the Premium X theme (over two hundred thousand sales), and even the free basic theme (20 19), which boasts over one million active installs.

Spam is blocked

wordpress stop website spam
Spam can continue independently of how safe the content management system is. That said if I had to pick a plugin to block disruptive spam. Allow me to do it for you and block spam before you enter your website with WordPress.

WordPress helps you rank

WordPress handles 80-90 percent of the SEO optimization technological factors. In other words, if you want to refine your search results well, WordPress will mostly lift you high. Like the other 10%, a simple plugin such as Yeast SEO helps a lot.

WordPress takes care of 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues

WordPress is able to rank higher in search results as the CMS manages 80 to 90 percent of Google’s crawling challenges. This means WordPress is SEO friendly.

WP Today, Tomorrow and Forever!

WordPress has made quite the impression on the internet since first going now, and now that growth and usage seems to have no end in sight. The platform keeps growing, improving, and designed to cater to more website owners every year.

And with a powerful community that shares in this open-source campaign, highly configurable and 100% accessible and accessible software, web Site owners of all forms and levels of experience are glad to hear more amazing figures like the above are just around the corner.

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