Established in 2007, Backblaze is considered to be one of the hottest choices for data backup services. It’s a generous solution that allows unlimited backups for a lower price point, making it the most practical personal online backup service to date.

But, is it worth it? Here are some of the pros and cons of the Backblaze service.

Backblaze Pros

  1. Unlimited Backups

We’ve mentioned it earlier, but we’ll tell you again— Backblaze offers unlimited backup. Whether you have a few MBs of files or tons of TBs, the Backblaze can back it all up!

is backblaze worth it pros and cons

With most backup services having a space limit, Backblaze’s unlimited offering is an invaluable aspect of the price that you’re getting.

Depending on your computing and network speed and the size of your files, the initial backup could take a few hours or days. However, regardless of how long it will take, the software just keeps on working behind the scenes to make sure that your files are wholly and completely stored.

  1. Easiest Backup Experience

The strength of Backblaze lies in the simplicity of its design.

Once installed, the program instantly scans your hard drive for all files (except for OS files, temp files, and applications that may cause compilations when restoring) and provides you an overview of the files you can backup.

Clicking “okay” automatically backups everything so you do not really have to do anything at all. When you connect any external hard drives or USB flash drives, the software also connects them automatically during the initial backup.

Best of all, the monitor also monitors your computer and automatically updates your backup files when changes occur. It does all that while maintaining an unnoticeable presence so it doesn’t interfere with whatever you’re doing.

  1. Tight Security

Backblaze encrypts all files with the standard AES 128-bit security. Thus, it is generally uncrackable. Other than that, any hackers or eavesdroppers are kept at bay with the file encryption standard done on your computer before sending in transit with SSL.

is backblaze worth it pros and cons

Now, within the data center itself, there are multiple copies of your files that are stored on multiple servers. So, if one copy should get corrupted, there are still several other backups that are available for you.

And if that’s not enough, know that Backblaze also offers a private encryption key that allows you to set your own password in order to access your files.

  1. Unique Data Recovery

In terms of retrieving files, Backblaze has several options. First, a zip file. You can request up to 500GB at one time with 5 simultaneous requests. However, these things can take time, depending on your network. Another way is to use the mobile app to play and/or download the files you want to access.

However, the most unique way is that Backblaze is a backup hard drive via courier delivery service. You’ll need to pay a deposit upfront, however, you’ll get refunded when the drive is returned. Also, for the smaller data, flash drives are also available.

Backblaze Cons

  • Subscription is limited to a single computer per account.
  • The simple functions of Backblaze limits as just a simple backup service.
  • Previous versions of files can only last up to 30 days before it’s erased. If you’re using a private password and forgot it, then your data is permanently locked without the chance for retrieval.
  • Mobile apps can’t be used to sync files with your Backblaze account.