is free hosting suitable for business website
The world is evolving, and everything is now available online. In this day and age, if your company does not have an online presence, your company’s reputation can be in jeopardy as people presume such businesses to be unauthentic.

Especially if you are an online business, you cannot solely operate via social media websites. Yes, these sites provide you a big boost, but their purpose is not to sell your services but to create awareness about your brand, build customer engagement and create leads.

The primary method of operating an online business will be via the website. Once you have your site up and running, you will notice an increase in traffic and sales as well. However, for all to go well, your user interface needs to be friendly, and it needs to be up and running at all time.

A crucial aspect of any website is its hosting. There are many companies available that offer free hosting, while others will ask for a small amount for hosting.

Your site’s hosting will determine how well your website works. The chances are that if you do not have a good hosting, you will witness frequent server issues. On the other hand, if you go for a good hosting company, you won’t face as many problems.

Should You Opt for Free Hosting?

If you are a startup with little to no capital, you may want to consider getting best free hosting for your business. However, if you can budget just $5 to $10 per month from your finances, we suggest you go for paid hosting.

Though you will find free hosting websites to be quite amazing, there are a few disadvantages of getting them for your company. If you were to ask the question of whether free hosting is suitable to launch your business website, our honest answer would be no (only if you can spend monthly for hosting).

There are many disadvantages for using free hosting for your company, and this goes for both organizations that are new or have been in the business for a few years and have an established name. Below are a few reasons why you should avoid free web hosting.

New Companies

If you are new in the business, the chances are that your name is not well known in your target market. Hence, if you go for a free hosting option, your company URL will include the name of the hosting company. For example, if you choose WordPress, your business URL will be something like

The URL will not leave a good impression on your audience. Firstly, they will not think that the company is serious about its function and will even doubt whether you are for real or a fraud in the market. Since it is a huge turn-off for people, you will end up losing more clients than gaining them.

Secondly, visitors will begin to doubt whether you have enough capital to be in business. Not only will this leave a bad impression on potential clients, but it will also leave questions in a debtor’s mind when you search for stakeholders. Hence, you will be losing a lot more than you think.

Established Companies

If you have managed to establish yourself in the market, you must already have a loyal customer base. These are the people who look up to you and trust your brand. However, if you go for a free web hosting, they will start to doubt your finances and wonder how long you will be in business. The best way is to invest a little every month to get a good web hosting service.

Connection to Social Media Websites

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There are times when customers are referred directly to the site or come across the website via a search engine. If that is the case, there is a high possibility that they don’t know you exist on various social media pages.

People won’t keep on visiting the website for updates. They would prefer to be updated via social media platforms, and they will only be able to find your pages if you have them linked to your website.

Many imposters also form pages of the same name. This increases the likelihood of people being diverted to some other business rather than yours. The only way to combat this problem is by linking your website to the social media pages so that people land on the correct one.

Now that we have established the importance of linking social media networks on the site, you should know that free web hosting does not allow you to connect to social media. This can cause an issue in the future, and you could end up losing many potential clients. Subscribing to web hosting will eliminate that problem.

Ownership of Content and Site

When you have your own website, the only thing you are at peace about is that the content is yours and so is the site. But imagine when that is not possible. Yes, free web hosting means that you will not be the owner of the content on the site and even the website itself. Technically, it would belong to the hosting service.

Anyone can copy content from there or even from another paid hosting website that will then make the business theirs. Thus, it is best to invest a little in hosting to secure the site and its content.


Anyone can copy content from there or even from another paid hosting website that will then make the business theirs. Thus, it is best to invest a little in hosting to secure the site and its content.

The space allotted to you is the only amount you get to upload all your content. The turn-off here is that clients will not be able to view all your offers. In addition to that, you will need to delete stuff to add new ones and because of that, no one will be able to view the previous content.


The web hosting company is offering you a place to put up your website, and there is no cost associated with it. However, they do need to make money for themselves, so how do they do that by offering a free service? There is a small catch; these sites display advertisements on your website to get paid.

The number of ads on your page can vary from low to high, and the only way you can remove them is by subscribing for hosting. These advertisements can cause a lot of disruption on your page and even ruin the whole look.

Designs and Widgets

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The essence of your website is delivered by its feel. You need to make sure that your site looks unique and reflects your brand’s image. This way you will be able to establish the company’s outlook.

The problem with free web hosting is that you do not have a free hand to design it the way you like. You must use the compositions that are available with the hosting company. Also, you can only use the widgets and products available with the organization, if any. If you ever want to add widgets or products from other companies, you will not be able to do so unless you pay for hosting.

All in all, although free web hosting has its advantages, it still has many restrictions which you need to meet. This is why you will never be able to relay your company’s essence to the target market effectively. It is best to use paid hosting; at least it gives you more rights and a free creative hand.