huawei matebook x pro and macbook pro

Ever since Apple launched its Macbook Pro laptops, it has taken the market by storm, leaving the competitors thinking about what they could do next. Many brands have launched new variants of notebooks as a reply to Macbook Pro, but not everybody was able to stand up to the expectations.

While these laptops were launched as cheap alternatives to Macbook Pro, there are certain limitations that keep them on the downside. In the race of creating an exact copy of the Macbook Pro, many have failed, but there is one brand that has finally done it.

Huawei, the Chinese brand, known for its state-of-the-art smartphones, has created the MateBook X Pro, which the internet calls the shameless copy of the Macbook Pro. The new line of MateBook X Pro takes on Macbook Pro (one of the best-selling laptops) with top-tier internal, incredible battery life, high-resolution display, aesthetically pleasing, and overall performance.

Huawei was able to get closer to Apple’s Macbook Pro design with its MateBook X Pro and to be honest, the design is just so damn good. Many people over the internet have already claimed that MateBook X Pro is better than Macbook Pro in numerous ways. While people’s opinions matter, it is important that you look into the technical aspects yourself before making a decision.

This is why we have created this post where we will compare Huawei’s MateBook X Pro with Apple’s Macbook Pro and deduce the specifications.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The Laptops Design

First things first, let’s talk about the design of both premium laptops. Huawei MateBook X Pro carries the same design as the original Macbook Pro. The heavily-inspired MateBook X Pro boasts the same all-metal chassis, a slimmer profile, and ultra-slim bezels. The winning design of MateBook X Pro is what makes it popular over other Macbook Pro alternatives.

The aluminum body of MateBook X Pro is incredibly sturdy and boasts cooling grills on the bottom, a monochromatic save for the ports on the sides, and a Huawei logo on the back. But unlike Macbook Pro, which only comes in a space grey color variant, MateBook X Pro comes in space grey and mystic silver.

What’s more amazing is that MateBook X Pro has a screen-to-body ratio of 91%, which is the best ever you will see on a premium notebook. And trust us, it looks stunning. MateBook X Pro has a 13.9-inch screen, which is somewhat similar to Macbook Pro’s 13.3-inch screen. And interestingly, MateBook X Pro only weighs around 2.29 pounds, whereas Macbook Pro weighs slightly higher at 3 pounds.

In order to achieve an extremely slim body, Huawei did a clever trick. The designers moved the camera into the function key row of the keyboard. That is, MateBook X Pro doesn’t contain the touch bar like Macbook Pro. To open the camera, all you have to do is click. The camera pops open and shuts down when you click on it.

However, there is one flaw to this that Huawei didn’t realize. When you open the camera, it will have an up-your-nose angle. It is not that horrible but not ideal as well. On the other hand, you will have to tape the camera over when you are not using it. This is how you will have to close the camera in MateBook X Pro.

This is a design flaw that true Macbook lovers will not tolerate. And it is a hassle to click the camera all the time whenever you need it. Nevertheless, the camera quality is also not that great.

When we talk about the keyboard, it is rubbery and acceptably good, offering a decent amount of travel. You will not find any issues getting used to it. On top of that, the keyboard is fully backlit, giving the laptop a nice aesthetics while allowing you to type and work even in dim light.

There are two USB C ports on the left side of the MateBook X Pro. Of the two ports, one is Thunderbolt 3 compatible. There is also one headphone jack included in the design. On the right side, there is a single USB A port. While this is the right mix of ports given its size, at least a memory card slot or another USB A port would have been perfect.

All in all, when we talk about usability and design, Huawei MateBook X Pro is on the top end. However, on certain aspects and details, this premium notebook fails. What we didn’t like is the placement of USB C ports. They are not properly aligned on the left side.

On the other hand, we also found that the trackpad is not as precise as advertised. For some, these faulty details can be a big mood killer. But overall, it stands up to the expectations in terms of design.


Huawei MateBook X Pro is a powerhouse of a laptop that comes with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB internal memory and an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor. You can forget all your worries, especially if you are a designer, developer, or video editor. MateBook X Pro makes sure that you enjoy seamless operation without any lagging.

The best part is that it comes with Intel’s UHD 620 graphics chip coupled with dedicated MX150 graphics from Nvidia GeForce. And thanks to its 57.4 Wh battery, the notebook allows you to work for longer durations.

The designers have also included a fingerprint scanner that is faultlessly integrated into the power button. This is Huawei’s one step towards developing more secure premium notebooks. This ensures that only you can start and access your laptop. There are some other nifty details, like a power adapter compact enough to be easily carried around the backpack without much of a hassle.

With all these features and functionalities, including the huge screen resolution, you may think that it can be tough for the laptop processor to power. Nevertheless, you will not have any issues with Huawei MateBook X Pro.

It guarantees to perform admirably even if you do some hefty work. While the battery life does not get closer to the advertised 12 hours, it will give at least 9-10 hours of operation, if used on a lighter scale. For demanding tasks with multiple Chrome tabs open, the battery may drain out quickly.

When we talk about Macbook Pro, it offers 10 hours of battery. But depending on the task, you are performing, the battery will work accordingly. So, you cannot expect it to deliver a complete 10 hours of uninterrupted operation.


While Huawei MateBook X Pro offers a relatively larger screen, it is not the best you will see on a notebook. MacBook Pro, for instance, has a much brighter screen that offers more natural colors. When we talk about MateBook X Pro, the colors seem glossy and artificial, which can be a deal-breaker for many.

The automatic brightness control is a handy feature, but you may not prefer turning it down because it can be a little too quirky for your liking if you are not into glossy, artificial-like contrast and colors.

Irrespective of that, MateBook X Pro has one of the most attractive screens you will ever see on a notebook. The tiny bezels enhance the beauty of the screen. The bezels are equally thin from all sides, including the bottom.

What’s more, is that Huawei guarantees that MateBook X Pro’s screen is fingerprint-repellent. Meaning, that touching the screen here and there will not smudge it and provide you with a seamless display and visuals.

MateBook X Pro boasts a 3000×2000 resolution, which seems like too much for the screen size.

However, high resolutions on portable notebooks have become a norm these days. So, if you travel less and can withstand a glossy screen, Huawei MateBook X Pro is a great alternative to Apple’s Macbook Pro.


Huawei MateBook X Pro sports Dolby Atmos sound system, which is incredibly powerful. You will not need any headphones when you are watching a video. The inclusion of Dolby Atmos expands the sound stage exponentially wider than the notebook’s actual speakers.

All four speakers are placed intelligently to deliver superior sound quality. However, the bass is very limited, and sometimes the sound gets a little noisy. But MateBook X Pro still has a better sound system than the Macbook Pro.


The reason why Huawei was able to successfully pull off the minimal bezel design with MateBook X Pro while still housing a front-facing camera is that the designers placed the camera at the bottom of the bezel.

Also known as ‘chin cam,’ the camera is hidden under the retractable key. For many, it can be a weird combination, but it offers great privacy and is a good option for those who keep their laptop camera hidden using tape.


MateBook X Pro is the Windows equivalent to Apple’s Macbook Pro. While both laptops are somewhat expensive, if you are looking for more features and incredible screen design, you should go with the Huawei MateBook X pro.