is vpn worth paying for

The use of technology and the internet is growing at a fast rate and it is becoming a trend in some quarters to adopt security measures while accessing the web. One proven method to secure your internet access is through the use of a VPN.

VPN which means virtual private network (VPN) uses a private network to overrule a public network in a way that enables internet users to send out and receive data. VPN functions through shared or public networks in a way that computing devices appear to be directly connected to the private network.

Software and applications running through a VPN benefit from the security, functionality, and management of the private network. With a virtual private network, access to resources that are inaccessible on the general network is provided and users can also encrypt their information.

Before you decide to use a VPN, it is necessary that you read articles explaining the application as well as some safety protocols. The essence of doing this is to ensure that you do not end up with a VPN that exposes your data to the wrong people. You can visit FastestVPNGuide’s opinion to read reviews that will help you gain more insight into the use of a virtual private network.

How Does a VPN Function?

A virtual private network functions by:

  • Encrypting the user’s data as it navigates between the VPN server and your device.
  • Stripping your IP address and replacing it with a VPN server.
  • Presenting a user’s location to seem like they are in the same location where the Virtual private network is located.

When these three factors are combined, they allow the user to stay anonymous while using the internet and prevent any individual or organization from monitoring or tracking you.

Types of VPN

VPNs can be classified into different categories and some of them include:

Remote Access

Remote access provides an entrance to an enterprise network like an intranet. It is used to telecommute workers requesting access to private resources. It can also be used to grant mobile staff access to essential tools and files without allowing public access.

Extranet-based Site-to-site

This type involves two different concepts in internet connection – intranet and extranet. The intranet VPN refers to a configuration whereby the connected sites belong to the same enterprise while extranet VPN links sites belong to different organizations.


This type links two networks. The configuration increases network access across offices in different geographical locations. The interconnection runs over a different intermediate network just like two IPv6 networks linked over an IPv4 network.

VPN systems are also classified by:

  • The protocol utilized in tunneling the traffic
  • The termination location of the tunnel e.g. network-provider edge or customer edge
  • The kind of connection topologies like network-to-network or site-to-site.
  • Level of security provision
  • Number of connections that occur simultaneously

Is VPN Worth Paying for?

This is the question on some people’s lips. While there is no straightforward answer to this due to individual perceptions, it is pertinent to note that VPN is worth every penny spent on it. Whether you are accessing crucial emails or lounging on social media, downloading or streaming videos, enabling a virtual private network protects you from potential threats that may be lurking in private and public connections.

You can read more about VPN here.

Benefits of Using VPN

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The following are the benefits attached to using VPN:


It is common to find people who feel comfortable sharing personal information on the web. With this development, hackers can easily access an individual’s personal information in a way that allows them to steal financial and personal information.

Additionally, internet service providers (ISPs) and governments can snoop on one’s activity, monitor and track your details. Using the information gathered, they can send ads, sell your information to third parties, and throttle your connection.

However, with a VPN you encrypt all the data received and transmitted by your device in a way that keeps your private information private.

Access to Geo-Restricted Materials

There are online materials that are restricted to a particular geographical location and this means that people from other locations cannot access it. However, with a virtual private network, you can easily access content from other regions from your comfort zone.

Although there are very few websites that can detect and block a VPN user, it is still a viable option for those seeking to access websites that restrict international IP addresses.

Fast Connection

Virtual private networks do not have a good relationship with internet service providers. This is because ISPs restrict bandwidth with the aim to make customers expend more funds. On the contrary, VPNs are there to activate undenied access for users to stream, browse and download content seamlessly.

If you select the right virtual private network provider that offers top-quality service at a good speed, you won’t notice that you are using a virtual private network.

Saves Cost

There are times when you may wish to buy goods from another location because they are cheaper but you will find that your location is restricted from accessing such sites. In this instance, you may be left with no choice but to use a VPN to access the location.

You can also purchase airline tickets with this arrangement as they can be cheaper from certain locations when compared with others.

Is Free VPN Recommended?

This is another question some internet users ask. While Free VPN is a good option for those seeking to break through restrictions placed on certain locations, it is important to verify the provider you are using. For instance, you may want to look at a whoer vpn review to help you weigh up the pros and cons.

Many people find it convenient to use free providers due to their limited use of the service. However, these free providers are not as free as the users see them because the developers are not running charity organizations. With this, the providers find other ways to cater to their operating costs which ideally turns to a profit.

In most cases, free private networks make a profit by collecting your data and selling it off to individuals and organizations, which unfortunately is what most people are trying to avoid in the first instance. If you are using a free VPN, it is common to find ad injections and unapproved pop-ups in the background.

They also have performance issues as they keep turning off on their own without considering if you are in the middle of a transaction. Free VPNs simply do not have the required capital to be at the same infrastructural level as the premium version and this should guide users in making a decision.

Features of a Premium VPN

The following are some features of using a premium VPN:

  1. Multi-platform support: Premium VPN can be used on different platforms without encountering any difficulty.
  2. Availability of different encryption options: Users can encrypt their data in a way that suits their needs with different options.
  3. Simultaneous connections: Premium VPN supports multiple simultaneous connections and this allows users to access different locations at the same time.
  4. Good speed: Premium virtual private networks are very fast especially when compared with free providers that may lag continuously while in use.
  5. No-logging policy: With a premium version, there is a comprehensive policy prohibiting the logging of user data. This means that data is not collected for use in any form or resale.

Choosing the Right Virtual Private Network

The following are some tips to guide you if you are searching for a provider:

Check the Cost

As much as you want to secure your activities online, always consider the cost of doing so in comparison with your budget. While a free version may not be an ideal option for you, also avoid using an expensive premium version with insignificant features.

If you do not want to use either a free or premium virtual private network, you can also create yours by following the instructions outlined here:

Check Reputation

It is wrong to choose a virtual private network that you have very little information about. You need to research the provider properly to ensure that you are not using the wrong one. You can also talk to an IT consultant to recommend a viable option for you.


Go for a provider that has an obvious non-logging policy. Also, ensure that the provider is peer-reviewed and adheres to U.S laws and regulations.

Are there some Cons of Using a VPN?

Although a private virtual network is a powerful tool, it doesn’t guarantee total protection from internet threats and if you are not careful, you may expose yourself unnecessarily. Now here are some cons of using a VPN:

Premium VPN can be Costly

To enjoy the full potential of a virtual private network, one may need to go for the premium version which comes at a cost. Although one has the option of using free versions, they do not provide as many services as a premium version and this can be expensive.

VPN Usage can be Complicated

Some people find it difficult to understand the technicalities attached to using a VPN. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, you may find it challenging to access some features especially if you are using the premium version that has multiple features.

Exposure to Insecurity

The major aim of using a virtual private network is to protect yourself against unauthorized access to your information. However, you may end up exposing your data to these providers regardless of the version you are using. We recommend that you tread cautiously while using the web. You can read articles explaining how to achieve online privacy for assistance.


Virtual private networks are an effective way for internet users to stay anonymous and protected from the prying eyes of individuals or organizations that may seek to monitor their activities online. The interesting thing about using VPN is that it comes at a very affordable rate especially when you compare the price with the services they provide.

If you are looking to use a virtual private network, it is recommended that you use a premium version as it comes with a lot of benefits. While a free version may seem to grant you access to certain restricted locations, you may be at risk of your data getting exposed to the wrong hands. To avoid situations like this, always go for a premium VPN provider renowned for offering good services.