league of legends dodge
If you play the League of Legends, you may need a place to practice. Well, fans, before you made this game based on LoL, helped gamers, for example, you develop reflexes to dodge, flying snakes make their last hits count. Many aspiring eSports such as Focker, Timo, Ezreal, Wayne, Yasuo, and Zed come here to develop their skills.

Here we will see what happens when you lose or win a game. If you win, you will get about 12-22 lire. Your MMR winnings depend on the type of win, e.g. the winnings with blue are worth more than the winnings with red, because of the difference in team MMR. Also, the awesome performance in the promotional series (2-0; 3-0) is very helpful for the MMR.

lol dodge

LOL: Dodge

If you lose, you lose about 12 to 20 LP. Losing at LP 0 is the worst because it cancels the victory of the MMR for evasion.

The first thing you need to check is the number of deaths and murders in the last 5 days. If a player has fewer wins or less CS/minutes than the average for this champion, he is likely to lose.

You can also check the chart level on OP.GG for the last days. Try to avoid matches with tuned teammates.

Leading game designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter commented on changes in the LoL penalty system. According to him, game developers have a lot of work to do before the new Dodge penalty system enters the game. Because, you know, it’s one thing to get an LoL penalty if you dodge the game, and quite another thing if the game dodges you.

Read more about loldodge here.

Riot has already taken some steps to improve the game. Their recent autofill settings and pairwise parity in ranked queues should bring balance if not in the world, then in the team. So you can expect it to continue to work. And I must say that I like where everything goes.