We live in a world where mobile phone is a necessity in daily basis. Each working people nowadays have at least one mobile phone in their possession, either its for work or personal connection. With the increase involvement of millennials in social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, they now owned at least one or two mobile phone to connect with their friends and family.

Mobile phone can be use for communication, text messaging, MMS, internet access, emails, online games, watch videos, listen to music and sometime used for the alarms. The multipurpose of mobile phone made it a must have for daily usage in today society.

However did you notice, mobile phone design is getting more creative with every new version release. There’s mobile phone that you can bend, water resistant, pressure resistant, solar battery charge and there’s even a transparent mobile phone that still under prototype.

What could we expect in the future for our main connectivity devices. Here are few futuristic concept from tech designers around the world, bringing their creative idea into mobile phone design.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

In September Samsung released the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Users can make hands-free calls directly from the Gear, as well as dictate e-mail, set alarms and check the weather solely with their voices.

Michael Laut Radia

For American designer Michael Laut, the Radia concept phone is all about simplicity: Sleek, circular, transparent, touch-sensitive and small enough to slide in his top pocket.

Philips Fluid

The Philips Fluid concept phone by Brazilian designer Dinard de Mata has a bendy organic light-emitting diode, which means it can be wrapped around the wrist as a watch or bracelet or used like a regular mobile phone.

Ryan Harc Maple

At first glance Ryan Harc’s Maple Phone is nothing but a block of wood. But, sensitive to touch, it transforms into a sleek mobile phone with slide-out display, mp3 player and digital camera.

iPhone Palm

Innovative iPhone palm concept phone. You don’t have to carry it in your pockets, because the wearable device can be strapped around your wrist. It has a projector that projects the usual home-screen on your palm;


The water based cellphone AQUA created by Bon Seop Ku, it has graphical UI and water display and you can remove icons from the display by simply rubbing them. Besides this, it is known about it that it has a different battery than we are used to, a liquid type one.

O2 Grass

Created for the Rugby Football Union’s social responsibility campaign last year, the O2 Recycle phone is composed of reclaimed cell phone parts and grass clippings collected from southwest London’s Twickenham Stadium. Designer Sean Miles of DesignWorks made just one of the ultra-green phones, putting in over 240 hours building the phone case from glass clippings which were freeze-dried within two hours of being cut from the stadium, and then pulped, molded into the casing, and coated in an eco-friendly resin. The result is a crisp green phone that blends in completely with any stadium grounds or field, and has a much smaller environmental footprint than typical plastic phone bodies. [source]

Samsung Bend Flex

Ever the leader in consumer electronics, Samsung released a concept in 2011 for a truly futuristic cell phone design. The flexible, bendable, OLED phone can practically be folded in half without any risk of cracking the screen or damaging the components within.

Google Phone

a Google Phone concept by Chinese Designer Dogor. [source]


truly wonderful and slimmest mobile phone designed by Mac Funamizu


You might think that these mobile phone design is not practical or will never be release. The technology in our time might not be able to foreseen the possibility however we could hope one day this creative idea can be realize for our future generations, anything is possible even now some of the concept above is already in showcase.