Mobile Phone Reviews Smartphone is becoming more tech savvy. Here we talk about mobile phone reviews, information about its features so you can decide to purchase one or not.

Mobile Phone Reviews

Smartphone is becoming more tech savvy. Here we talk about mobile phone reviews, information about its features so you can decide to purchase one or not.

What You Need to Know Before Upgrading Your Phones

Due to the global pandemic, everyone shifted to virtual learning and work. In this situation, a high-quality, multi-functional phone is essential for everyone. Every school or work requires the use of different applications or software. It means that your phone must be able to handle the different phone capacity requirements. Are you scared to buy a phone, afraid that you may regret it later because it doesn't perform as well…Read full article »

Reviewing NitroPack – The Ultimate Tool to Speed Up WordPress

Reviewing NitroPack – The Ultimate Tool to Speed Up WordPress
With the ever-increasing need for everyone and businesses to have an online presence, there is an increasing amount of people creating websites and showing their personal and business brands to the billions of people who constantly surf the internet. WordPress is accountable for powering almost one-third of the websites in…

How To Make Your Phone Time Worthwhile

How To Make Your Phone Time Worthwhile
Every day we spend a good couple of hours on our phones. It’s inevitable - what else are we supposed to do in the moments between working, cooking, sleeping, and spending time with our loved ones? The nine minutes the pasta is on the stove, or the moment you’re in…

Fix a Disabled iPad after entering the wrong Passcode Repetitively

Fix a Disabled iPad after entering the wrong Passcode Repetitively
We all love Apple products, whether it be iPhones or iPad, or MacBooks. Every flagship product from Apple is best-inbuilt quality and performance. But after all, they are just electronic products. So, it is very much normal that you will face some technical issues from time-to-time. Well, we have seen…

The Best Android Antivirus Apps for 2020

The Best Android Antivirus Apps for 2020
You must install an Android antivirus app on your smartphone or tablet. Android, being the most popular OS worldwide means it is a prime target for hackers and malicious actors. We use our Android devices for much more than calls and texts, but also mobile shopping and banking, which means…

Asus ROG Phone 2: Best Gaming Phone Spec and Review

asus rog phone 2 spec and review
see if asus rog phone 2 available in amazon It is considered as one of the best gaming phone designed till now. It provides all the features that a player need for gaming. There are many features that make it the perfect phone for gaming as it is. Asus has…

Choosing the Ideal Smartphone for You

choosing ideal smartphone for you
Buying any sort of new gadget can be a real challenge. But when it comes to smartphones, there is so much choice it can be even more confusing. There are smartphones to suit all needs and preferences these days, with models from a range of manufacturers and at a variety…

The Battle of Apple: IPhone 8 vs IPhone X

iphone 8 vs iphone x
Apple has recently launched two new phones. After ditching iPhone 7S, it has jumped straight into iPhone 8 and also as a surprise, launched iPhone X (or iPhone10) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of iPhone lines. If you are planning to buy the new phones but wondering which one will…

Is Water Damage Cover Still an Important Insurance Feature for New Waterproof iPhones?

important insurance feature for new waterproof iphones
Imagine the excitement of opening that pristine white box to see your new iPhone inside. Not only does it have all the capability that you are used to from Apple, but at last it is also waterproof. There is nothing you can’t do with it now. Well, hold on a…

10 Best 6GB RAM Mobile Phones You Can Buy Today

asus zenfone 3 deluxe
In their desperate attempt to stay in the tough league, smartphones have started becoming more and more powerful in terms of specifications and value. Today, one will see smartphones ranging between cheapest and highest prices, but offering almost the same benefits and unique features. So, what is it really that…

Nokia 3310 Review – What’s New?

nokia 3310 new model
Legends never die. They might get temporarily forgotten; but they just cannot be replaced. At the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain in 2017, a long-lost legend came back to life! While the event can boast about the launch of a number of brilliant, futuristic phones by major electronic…

Mobile Phone Design for The Future

Mobile Phone Design for The Future
We live in a world where mobile phone is a necessity in daily basis. Each working people nowadays have at least one mobile phone in their possession, either its for work or personal connection. With the increase involvement of millennials in social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, they…

Motorola Cheap Smartphone Moto X BUT with contract

Motorola Cheap Smartphone Moto X BUT with contract
Motorola recently launched their cheapest smartphone to compete with others in smartphone market. The second gen Moto X smartphone can now be purchase with only $50. However it is a deal under contract with America's leading wireless service provider, Verizon. (more…)

The Benefits of Using An Unlocked Cell Phone

The Benefits of Using An Unlocked Cell Phone
Whenever you're trying to buy a new cell phone online or on your local store, they will give you the option to buy a locked or unlocked cell phone. A SIM locked phone is where you can only use one mobile phone network provider depending on your purchase contract, such…

Nokia Lumia 720 – Longer Battery Life

nokia lumia 720
Nokia had officially announced their latest Windows phone device which is the Nokia Lumia 720. In term of specifications, this phone is still run on 1GHz Dual Core processor and powered by Windows Phone 8. What interesting about this phone is it supports 6.7 megapixel camera lenses with the help…

Nokia Lumia 625 – 4G LTE Mid-Range Smartphone

nokia lumia 625 4g smartphone
With the official launched of the Nokia Lumia 925 here in Malaysia last month with a retail price tag of RM1599, looks like Nokia can't wait and introduced another model of their Nokia Lumia line which is the Nokia Lumia 625. This smartphone is on Windows Phone 8 OS. By…

Best Tablets For Summer 2013

best tablets summer 2013
Tablets have been one of the hottest selling gadget in the past two years and with the industry still pushing them it doesn’t seems to be dying any time soon. In this article we will list our favorite and worth buying tablets for this Summer 2013 based on price, performance…

Best Smartphones For Summer 2013

best smartphones for summer 2013
Summer 2013 is finally here and as usual the must have smartphones have come out to taunt us with their awesomeness. There is much to be said as to what is good and what isn’t in the smartphone realm but we decided to condense our top smartphones for the summer…

Specs Comparison – Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5

samsung s4 vs iphone 5
It's been a long time that Apple and Samsung are battling for a number of cases in different courts throughout the world. Both these companies are trying to show their supremacy. This is one of the reason why Samsung is stepping up their games by creating their upgraded version of…

Motorola RAZR D3 Android Smartphone Review

motorola android phone
Motorola is trying hard to make their Android models as successful as others and they are becoming successful now. It is now getting ready to compete with others as they are bringing some good models this year. One of their upcoming models is the Motorola Razr D3 and it is…

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Premium Tablet

After the big success of Galaxy smartphones, Samsung is now extending this series to tablet. Few days ago they showed their new Galaxy Note 8.0 and this premium tablet will be available soon globally. The South Korean giant Samsung is among the top smartphone and tablet makers. Therefore they will…

Nokia Lumia 520 – A Fun and Cheap Windows Phone 8 Smartphone

nokia lumia 520
Nokia Lumia 520 can surely become one of the top Windows 8 based models in coming times because it is offering many beneficial features with economical price tag. One of the main things about Nokia which we have observed during the recent times is that they are keeping the price…

What To Expect On The Samsung Galaxy S IV

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV or better known as Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 is expected to be released on 26th April 2013 according to Many have been waiting for this new Samsung smartphone to be available for purchase on the market. So before that, let's take a…

Nokia 114 Dual Sim Phone For Elderly People

nokia 114 dual sim phone
For those of you who are looking for an affordable mobile phone to give to your elderly parents. The Nokia 114 would be your wiser choice.  Besides having a fresher looks on its design, this phone also has a quality keypads which are larger and bigger, suitable for the elderly…

Sony Xperia E – Entry-Level Android Smartphone

sony xperia e
If you're looking for an entry-level Android smartphone, the Sony Xperia E is definitely one of your best choices. This smartphone has a low to medium price range. Even though this device is on a medium-end category but it still offers some functions of high-end device such as its 3.5…

Smartphones Mobile Technology Trend Of 2012

For some of you who are crazy about the rapid advancement of smartphone's technology, you might ask yourself how many times did you changed your smartphone during 2012, some of you might never changed it but surely did owned more than 1 smartphone under you pocket :) Let us take…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Larger View! More Power! Simply Amazing!

samsung galaxy note 2 smartphone review
  This phone cum tablet has drawn inspiration from its highly successful predecessor the Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is packed with twice the processing power, a sizzling screen and a mega battery. You might feel these are reasons enough to make the second generation Samsung phones worth…

HTC Desire SV Dual SIM Smartphone Review

HTC Desire SV Dual Sim Phone
HTC Desire SV is a dual sim phone which comes with a brilliant and striking clear 480x800 resolution in 4.3 inch super LCD2. Just like what HTC said "get ready to experience life with twice the possibilities" , this smartphone is powered by a Dual Core 1GHz processor which makes…

Windows Smartphone Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Smartphone
Nokia Lumia 900 is one of the latest and most advanced Nokia’s smartphone that was released few months ago. They advertised it as "Bigger, Faster and more Powerful"  than its predecessors. It was commercially available in the US back on April 2012, but it was only available here in Malaysia on…

Nokia 808 Pureview 41 MP Camera Smartphone Review

Nokia 808 Pureview 41 MP Camera Smartphone
First things first! Nokia 808 PureView might be a normal Smartphone from outside, but the camera quality it offers is astounding at 41 megapixels. Can you imagine that on a normal mobile phone? Maybe not! Adding jazz to the ensemble is a full HD 1080p recording capability which makes Nokia…