the necessity and benefits of a digital converter box
You get home from work, ready to relax in front of the TV, snacking and watching some of your favorite shows. Yet, you quickly get frustrated, because not only are there only a few programs to choose from, but the picture is also bad and you have to put an effort to hear what is being said. Tomorrow, your coworkers will be giving their comments on, say, the last night’s football match, while you will be feeling left out once again.

If getting a new TV set is not an option for you, but you still want to enjoy some high-quality sound, picture and programs, then you are probably acquainted with the digital converter box. It offers a great option to save a few bucks while still being able to watch digital channels. In other words, you get to keep your analog tuner, while getting a digital signal.

However, before making any purchases, people are often on the fence, trying to weigh the pros and cons. Luckily, there is always a place, such as, where you can find all the info you need about specific kinds of converter boxes, before getting your own. But, first, let us go through some basics of the product, so that you know what to expect.

What Is A DTA?

what is dta
The analog transmission was a significant breakthrough in the history of human kind. For a long time, owning a TV was considered a luxury and that’s exactly what this breakthrough provided. Over time, it became more and more accessible, to the point where no household in the world was left without the option to watch television.

Naturally, things evolve. And so did the manner of broadcasting. Analog TVs were slowly becoming outdated. And with all the options that the new way of transmitting today offers, it is a real shame to stick to the old ways and miss out on all the benefits.

Since the new option was and still can be a little on the expensive side – you have to get a completely new TV if nothing else – people have found a way to make things easier and more cost-effective. So, there is now a simple solution for switching between analog and digital, without having to spend your savings. It’s called a digital television adapter (DTA). Learn more about it here.

A DTA, or a converter box, is a device that receives digital signals and converts them into analog ones. Consequently, the signal can be successfully transmitted to analog television sets. Technology being where it is today, this product has become a necessity. You can no longer enjoy your programs without either owning this, or getting a brand new TV equipped with a digital tuner.

Do You Need It?

In light of these facts, I am pretty sure that you get the importance of the product. Still, as a human being, it is only natural that you question any decision before finally making it. So, you must wonder whether your TV really needs this product in order to function the way you want it to function.

do you need dta
Although I could now go into a detailed explanation of why and when you need a converter box, I will try to put things as simple as possible. After all, an average consumer, such as you and I, really doesn’t need to be bothered with all the technicalities. All we want to know is whether we have to put a few bucks aside in order to get this product.

Find out if you need it:

So, let’s not complicate things. The easiest way to be sure that this is the product for you is to ask yourself two vital questions. Once you have your answers, you will know exactly what your next step should be.

First of all, do you have a cable or satellite television service? If the answer is yes, then I really cannot understand what on Earth you are doing here. This subscription means that you are absolutely not affected by the conversion to digital transmission. But, if your answer is no, then read on.

The next question is – when was your TV manufactured? If it was made after 2007, there is a fair chance that it already has a built in digital tuner and you should check that before going any further. If it is older, then you definitely need to get a converter box.

So, after checking for these two things and realizing that you need the update on your television set, it’s time to get your own DTA, learn how to set it up and start enjoying your favorite programs. Of course, you still want to know what you will be getting with this product. Therefore, or next step is to get you informed about the benefits.

Benefits Of A Converter Box

The best thing about owning this product is the fact that it will significantly increase your choices of channels. Simply put, you will get a lot more channels than you had before. This means that you will no longer have to miss any content you are interested in.

benefit of converter box
So, the next time your coworkers are talking about “that game last night”, you will definitely be able to join in on the conversation. I am talking about sports here, but don’t get me wrong, that’s not the only thing that you will receive. News, educational and entertaining content… You name it, and you will have it.

Furthermore, you will be surprised with the quality of your sound and picture. It will change considerably, and for the better. No more signal interferences (read this), no more annoying picture freezes… All in all, your television experience will become much more enjoyable.

And as if this wasn’t enough, there are a few additional features that will further enhance that experience. You will be able to pause your program if you need to run a quick errand. More importantly, there is the option of recording your favorite shows and watching them at any time you find convenient. I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s like a dream come true.